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Avast acknowledges that antivirus collects and sells user data

The Avast CEO has confirmed that the expansion of the company collects data about users on the network. He told a little about what happens to the information received later and how it is processed. Avast antivirus is one of the most popular in the world. Especially its free version. As we know, in particular, […]

Xiaomi now has its own mineral water

Xiaomi is the company that is best known for producing relatively inexpensive and high-quality smartphones. However, in recent years, the corporation has grown to an incredible level, and the company is already selling all kinds of products. The company decided to surprise and release a product marked with the Xiaomi logo, which has nothing to […]

Oculus creator sells drone ramming other drones

Now the company has shown a special "antidron", the main task of which is to eliminate other drones of this type. Interestingly, we are not talking about any weapons on board, but about … a ram of drones in the air. Of course, the drone will require confirmation from the operator, but it can also […]

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