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Robot spinning like a ballerina

An unusual two-sided robot video appeared on the network, which can perfectly balance and rotate thanks to propellers. This is a relatively light walking robot that balances more like a drone than a typical two-legged bot, because it literally has a set of drone propellers instead of arms. Indeed, why should robots move with their […]

Huawei Enjoy 10: we know what a smartphone looks like

Huawei Enjoy 10 is a new mid-range model that will premiere very soon. The reason for this, in particular, is the site of TENAA – the organization where the phone was certified. Photos were posted there. True, specification information is not yet available, but we can see how Huawei Enjoy 10 looks in the figures. […]

Blooming algae visible from the satellite

Last year’s eruption of the Kilauea volcano led to the flowering of plankton, so large that it could be seen from space. The waters of the tropical convergence zone are poor in nutrients, and therefore there is not enough life in them. Volcanic lava is rich in various minerals. In this regard, the team of […]

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