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Oppo A92s: the average will get a 5G modem and an interesting screen

Oppo A92s is the new mid-range smartphone of the Chinese brand, which will premiere in the near future. There was a leak, and an image of a poster appeared on the network that reveals some information about the smartphone. Oppo A92s will receive a modem for connecting to 5G networks and a screen with high […]

News Bar – Microsoft has created a very interesting news application for Windows 10

News Bar is a new application that Microsoft has currently translated into beta tests and therefore is not yet available in all markets. However, we have his screenshots, and we can see what it will offer. News Bar – presents the news in a very interesting way. The news panel can be docked to the […]

NASA shows the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on air quality

NASA has provided interesting maps that show how coronavirus affects air pollution in selected regions of China itself. Of course, not direct, but the epidemic led to the closure of many plants. In the Wuhan region, there has been a sharp decrease in pollution. NASA is also considering regions where the epidemic of the coronavirus […]

Scientists can use durian fruits to create supercapacitors

Scientific research sometimes deals with things that we would not expect to see in the context of technology. This is the case with the most smelly fruit in the world, which can be good material for creating supercapacitors. Durian is an extremely interesting fruit – on the one hand, it is considered almost a royal […]

Brightlock – revolutionary smart lock opens with light

At CES, we were able to see many interesting inventions, including home robots. One of these rarities is Brightlock, that is, a smart door lock that we open with a smartphone. Brightlock is not the only smart lock on the market, but this gadget is so unique that the opening is not so much using […]

Presented by Genesis GV80 2020

The Genesis GV80 should be the first of at least two SUVs of the new luxury brand and what we see has been taken from the G90. Just look at the radiator grill in the form of honeycombs. The GV80 will be a mid-range SUV competing with segment leaders like the Audi Q7, BMW X5 […]

Hackers hacked jail webcams and broadcast on Youtube

The situation occurred in one of the Thai prisons. Hackers broke into the prison system and managed to take control of the image from video surveillance cameras. Then on YouTube organized an online broadcast. For several hours, everyone could see the prisoners there. Thai authorities are investigating an unusual incident. Some hackers or a hacker […]

The night mode in the phones should have a good effect on a person’s sleep: scientists say that it could be otherwise

Night mode is a feature that phones have begun to introduce relatively recently. Her goal was to reduce the amount of penetrating blue light that our eyes see in the dark, and thus improve sleep. Meanwhile, it turns out that the results of studies obtained by scientists from the University of Manchester, say something else. […]

NASA recorded a completely new type of explosion on the Sun

NASA is currently studying the Sun using the Parker Solar Probe, and this fact gives us a lot of new information about the star. The American Space Agency managed to observe the Sun and see a completely new type of explosion. This is a magnetic blast wave that was caused by another explosion. On the […]

NASA telescope spotted an explosion on a comet

NASA's space telescope, called TESS, was designed to search for alien worlds. However, with its help, sometimes it is also possible to see other phenomena. One of these unusual objects was a comet, from which a large amount of ice, gas and dust comes out. It happened after the explosion. The NASA space telescope allowed […]

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