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Google is testing a new kind of comment section in the mobile version of YouTube

YouTube started testing, changes to the comments section of the Android app. After the changes, comments appear directly below the video and, thus, they will be less noticeable. YouTube comments can only be accessed by scrolling down the screen. They are currently quite hidden, but it seems that this may change soon. It is assumed […]

Facebook began testing a new section of "News"

Facebook will soon introduce to the public a new feature in its service – this is a news section that will allow access to information from around the world, and this section will work with artificial intelligence algorithms. We have known for a long time that Facebook is going to participate in the popularization of […]

Instagram with better data access control through other apps

Instagram decided to tackle the problem of access to data that various applications receive. In the popular application, a new section has been added in the settings. There you can find an access point to data from Instagram. If you use Instagram, you probably want to know what specific programs have access to your account. […]

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