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Supercomputer Summit, involved in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is spreading rapidly worldwide, and researchers are constantly looking for ways to stop it. Supercomputers that can perform very complex calculations in a short amount of time are also useful. Such is Summit, which has more than 200 thousand processor cores. Chinese coronavirus is a growing threat. We need quick action that will […]

NASA telescope spotted an explosion on a comet

NASA's space telescope, called TESS, was designed to search for alien worlds. However, with its help, sometimes it is also possible to see other phenomena. One of these unusual objects was a comet, from which a large amount of ice, gas and dust comes out. It happened after the explosion. The NASA space telescope allowed […]

Google Package Tracking

The giant from Mountain View announced the introduction of a test mode of a new feature in Google search engines. We are talking about the possibility of tracking packages directly from the search bar. In order for the solution to gain popularity, it is necessary to involve companies that deliver parcels. Tracking packages today is […]

Smart cameras will search for drivers using phones while driving

The Australian government has put in place cameras with an artificial intelligence system, the purpose of which will be to monitor drivers who use their phones while driving. The AI ​​will send photos to the operator, who decides whether to take action. Australia believes that the new solution will reduce the percentage of drivers who […]

CERN Scientists Search for Entrance into the Dark World with Antimatter

The search for mysterious dark matter, which, according to the theory, is five times more in the Universe than ordinary matter, has not yet yielded positive results, despite a lot of attempts and experiments aimed at detecting the particles that are the basis of the "dark side". And now, researchers from the European Organization for […]

Google can create a search engine only for doctors

Google is actively investing in its newly created Health team. Only now the company is sharing information about its plans in the field of healthcare and medicine. It turns out that there may be … a search engine only for doctors. David Feinberg of Google Health has put forward several ideas that need to be […]

Google search engine will no longer support Flash

Flash is an outdated Adobe platform, which, however, is in use all the time. We know that her days are already numbered, and Google will contribute to this. The company will help this module cease to exist. A giant from Mountain View said it plans to abandon Flash support in its own search engine. Flash […]

Private company wants to “borrow” UFO technology

A private UFO search company received a new contract from the US government to develop technology that could help improve ground vehicles in the army. The company mentioned is TTSA, an organization founded 2 years ago by former Delink-182 guitarist Tom Delonge. A few months later, TTSA became the first company to publish records depicting […]

Google tests changes in search engine results

If you are looking for information on Google, then you probably know that the title of the articles is displayed on the search results pages, and there is a green URL below it. Earlier this year, changes were made to the mobile version of the search engine on smartphones, and it seems that similar changes […]

Google is testing a new way to watch instructional videos

Google introduces an application page for a new pilot project. It consists in demonstrating links to video tutorials, which will now have the appearance of colored buttons. They appear directly below the search bar. Such videos, of course, can be useful to people who are just starting to use a smartphone. Google conducts tests of […]

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