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Scientists have extracted the square root of 900 using a “computer” based on synthetic DNA

Using a biological "computer" system, the basis of which is specially designed synthetic DNA, scientists were able to extract the square root of the number 900. Note that the idea of ​​using genetic material to perform computational operations was first proposed in 1994. Since that time, biologists have found ways to store information in DNA […]

A drone that flaps its wings …

A team of scientists from Lentink Lab from Stanford University have developed a new type of drone using wings to fly. According to scientists, in their opinion, wings can allow drones to fly even faster and faster. Like birds, a special design based on the design of a real wing can affect the air flow […]

The fastest rotating object will help scientists measure the forces of "quantum friction" in a vacuum

To detect the so-called "quantum friction" forces that affect even objects in absolute void, scientists began to use rotation. A rotating nanoparticle trapped in a laser light in a vacuum is the active element of the most high-precision and highly sensitive sensor, capable of measuring centrifugal and other forces arising from rotation. Note that the […]

Scientists: Mars is losing water faster than we thought

Mars is a barren planet, but researchers claim that once there was a lot of water on its surface. New studies show that large amounts of water penetrate the higher parts of the atmosphere in the form of steam. Scientists have observed on the Red Planet the effect of glut, which is associated with a […]

Innovative Tattoo Will Change Immunization Program

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology propose to significantly improve immunization programs. Instead of outdated documentation, vaccination information will be stored in special tattoos. American scientists have developed ink that can be safely injected into the skin with a vaccine. They are visible only with the help of a special application and with the […]

The night mode in the phones should have a good effect on a person’s sleep: scientists say that it could be otherwise

Night mode is a feature that phones have begun to introduce relatively recently. Her goal was to reduce the amount of penetrating blue light that our eyes see in the dark, and thus improve sleep. Meanwhile, it turns out that the results of studies obtained by scientists from the University of Manchester, say something else. […]

Scientists have established a new value for the upper limit of the neutrino mass

Using a new highly sensitive spectrometer, an international team of researchers has found a new value for the upper mass limit of elusive neutrino particles. Until recently, it was believed that neutrino particles do not have mass at all, but the results of some studies indicate the fallacy of such a judgment. And, of course, […]

An application that allows you to look at the world from the point of view of a dog, insect or fish

Scientists have created software called micaToolbox V2 & QCPA that can modify any photo from your smartphone or digital camera into the image that they see bees, fish or mammals. Scientists have created free open source software that will allow you to get a realistic simulation of the image, viewed from the point of view […]

Scientists have carried out the "coldest" chemical reaction

Everything that happens at the level of molecules and atoms happens so fast that it is impossible to see without the use of ultra-fast lasers or other techniques. What happens during chemical reactions also falls into this category, but scientists at Harvard University managed to produce the “coldest” chemical reaction by cooling molecules to small […]

Scientists want to save the Great Barrier Reef with underwater speakers

Scientists from the UK and Australia are conducting an experiment that can significantly help rebuild the diversity of the Great Barrier Reef. Due to pollution and climate change, one of the most beautiful underwater places on Earth – the Great Barrier Reef – was largely destroyed. Scientists are looking for various ways to restore its […]

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