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Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Heart Disease Problems

The development of artificial intelligence may soon affect our health. Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a system that is able to assess the risk of death due to heart disease. All thanks to the RiskCardio system, which with the help of machine learning can diagnose our condition only with the help of […]

Under the surface of the moon may be gold and other precious metals

A group of specialists from the USA and Canada set a goal to solve the mystery of the strange shortage of precious metals observed in the lunar soil. In their opinion, this may indicate that under the surface of the Silver Ball is a real "Eldorado". Studying the lunar soil, scientists faced an abnormally low […]

Scientists managed to capture the motion of matter atoms in 4D format

Scientists have been conducting research for a long time to find out what exactly happens when various materials evaporate, melt and crystallize, in other words, they transfer from one state of matter to another. And recently, the knowledge about the processes occurring during phase transitions was significantly supplemented, thanks to the experiments of scientists from […]

A gel that speeds up tooth regeneration

Scientists have discovered an innovative way to restore tooth enamel. This technique may be used by dentists in the future to restore cavities. Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth that protects them from caries. Sugar use and poor oral hygiene can cause buildup of plaque and acid-producing bacteria that can damage tooth enamel. […]

Scientists began to receive confirmation of the participation of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement in chemical reactions

Scientists have long suspected that the phenomenon of quantum entanglement plays an important role in photosynthesis reactions and other natural chemical reactions. But the significance of this role remains an unknown value to this day, because the fact of the presence of quantum entanglement is hardly exposed to identification and measurement. Recently, researchers from Purdue […]

Scientists have grown a miniature human brain and placed inside a robot

American scientists have created the so-called "organoids." Researchers managed to grow an artificial accumulation of nerve cells, which in their form resemble a miniature version of the human brain and are able to develop. This study raises a lot of ethical debate. According to one scientist, Alysson Muotri, organoids created are able to produce brain […]

Scientists have created synthetic cells that respond to external signals, like real living cells

Researchers have developed and created experimental samples of synthetic cells that are able to respond to external chemical signals in the same way as real living cells do. Experimental samples of synthetic cells begin to glow with fluorescent light when calcium ions appear in the environment. Calcium, in turn, is one of the main chemical […]

Scientists have managed to create a temperature-controlled robot

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology have developed an interesting robot that can change shape under the influence of temperature. Such a solution contains great potential. Two different types of hinges were created, which fold depending on the heat supplied. One of the robots called Rollbot is able to take the shape of a […]

Hurricanes increase spider aggressiveness

Scientists have found that hurricanes affect the development of aggressive colonies of spiders. Dr. Jonathan Pruitt of the University of California, Santa Barbara examines the environmental impact of tropical cyclones. Pruitt decided to try to take into account weather warnings in order to determine the likely occurrence of hurricanes 2-3 days before they occur. Then […]

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