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Scientists have determined that an extremely powerful space explosion occurred near the center of the Milky Way 3.5 million years ago

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is currently a relatively "quiet" place, but this has not always been the case. A group of astronomers found evidence that several million years ago a powerful explosion occurred in the region of the center of the galaxy, a flash from which illuminated everything around it up to 200 thousand […]

The recently discovered exoplanet shows: humanity still knows too little about planet formation

GJ3512b is an exoplanet that is located about 30 light years from our Earth. This is a gas giant that spins around a red dwarf. The new planet is interesting because it is one of the largest, which is in a system with a small star and has a wide orbit. Scientists cannot explain how […]

Scientists have found traces of a huge space explosion in the center of our galaxy

Scientists believe that about 3.5 million years ago in the center of the Milky Way or our galaxy, a huge cosmic explosion could occur. As observations made in gamma rays show, in the future another similar explosion may occur. In the center of the Milky Way, various phenomena occur. There is, in particular, a giant […]

Saturn suddenly overtook Jupiter: scientists found another 20 moons

Saturn has become the undisputed leader in the number of moons in the solar system. Scientists have found another 20 of them that revolve directly around the gas giant. A group of astronomers led by Scott S. Sheppard found new satellites orbiting the gas giant. Adding them to the celestial bodies already familiar to us, […]

New visualization by NASA scientists lets us take a look at a real black hole

Specialists and scientists from NASA's American space agency recently released a new visualization that shows a black hole surrounded by a brightly glowing distorted disk of heated matter. This animation shows very clearly how the strongest gravitational forces of a black hole distort the light emitted by matter approaching the event horizon, which creates a […]

Scientists first created a unique quantum entanglement, W-state, in which three photons are involved

Researchers from the University of Illinois and other academic institutions first created a state of quantum entanglement in which three photons are involved. This would not be surprising if this state were not a unique special combination called the W state, in which the loss of one of the three photons does not lead to […]

CERN scientists discovered two extremely rare types of decay of elementary particles

Over the past few years, scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN have been conducting a complex experiment in which tens of billions of cases of decay of elementary particles were recorded. After that, the data collected went through complex processing, the purpose of which was to search for extremely rare and exotic […]

Scientists have developed a new type of battery

Indian scientists said they were working on a new type of cell that could soon squeeze classic lithium-ion batteries out of the market. Their advantage should be the low cost of production and eliminate the risk of damage. It is worth noting that the issue of battery explosions is quite relevant recently. Children are now […]

The asteroid has changed color in the eyes of astronomers. This is the first such case in history.

Astronomers from the University of Massachusetts can talk about great luck. They observed an unusual phenomenon – an asteroid changed color before their eyes. The asteroid belt, located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, has been the subject of research by astronomers for many years. The objects located in it still bring new discoveries. […]

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