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CES 2020: Samsung's covert display of a laptop with a sliding screen

According to Korean media reports, Samsung has shown an unusual laptop behind closed doors at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is a laptop with a sliding screen, which was patented in December 2018. At exhibitions, manufacturers often present prototypes that do not necessarily wait for market entry. Some inventions are not ready enough to be […]

Samsung's wireless power bank will get fast charging

Samsung already has an external 10,000 mAh battery with support for wireless charging, but only with a power of 9 W. The next device will be much more efficient, because it should support 25 W cable download, and up to 15 W in wireless mode. The new gadget will probably also have a capacity of […]

AI ScaleNet: Samsung's new 8K content codec

Time is changing and people's needs are growing. The public wants to see televisions with really decent resolution at home, and with this there are also great requirements for network bandwidth. A video frame in 8K format, in fact, is four times more pixels than material recorded in 4K resolution and 16 times more pixels […]

Samsung's ingenious idea to unlock smartphones

Currently, mobile phones are unlocked using a PIN or fingerprint. But what if these two methods are combined? This idea came to Samsung engineers and then it was decided to patent this solution. In future smartphones of this Korean manufacturer, fingerprints can be simultaneously scanned while entering the PIN code. We can unlock smartphones in […]

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