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Samsung may create an unusual smartphone

A lot of myths has accumulated about the new leak about the alleged Galaxy Z model, and there is nothing to be surprised, since the photo posted on the network shows a very unusual device with a double folding screen. It is not yet known for sure whether Galaxy is just a figment of the […]

Samsung gets prisms for 5-zoom cameras on Galaxy S20 phones

Initial rumors suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S20 would have telephoto lenses capable of providing an optical 10x zoom. However, the most recent evidence indicates that this is not the case – a report from Korea says Samsung accepted the supply of prisms with 5x optical zoom. They were created by the Korean company Optron-Tec, […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on render looks awesome!

2020 is a very exciting year for smartphone innovation. In particular, foldable smartphones inadvertently cause clamshells to return with fully foldable displays. Following the announcement of Motorola Razr, Samsung received the Galaxy Z Flip (previously rumored to be the Galaxy Bloom). Specialists at LetsGoDigital have created some render layouts for the future foldable phone, based […]

CES 2020: Samsung's covert display of a laptop with a sliding screen

According to Korean media reports, Samsung has shown an unusual laptop behind closed doors at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is a laptop with a sliding screen, which was patented in December 2018. At exhibitions, manufacturers often present prototypes that do not necessarily wait for market entry. Some inventions are not ready enough to be […]

Samsung Ballie – a ball-shaped robot that takes care of its owner

Yellowish, charming and very helpful. Samsung has revealed its new robot guardian project, which will help us with our daily tasks. At last year's CES, Samsung introduced the Bot Care robot, which monitors the owner’s life functions and supports them with advice in the event of a health problem. This time, the Korean company went […]

Samsung Odyssey G9 – 49-inch QLED gaming monitor to be unveiled at CES 2020

Samsung Odyssey G9 is a new monitor that has a record high screen curvature among other models of this manufacturer. The company used a 49-inch QLED display with a resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels. Samsung will also show the smaller Odyssey G7 monitor during the CES 2020 show in Las Vegas. Samsung Odyssey G9 […]

Samsung Vtouch – a new, non-contact way to control devices

Before the CES exhibition, the Korean manufacturer opened the veil of secrecy. Vtouch is a new, non-contact interface that could be integrated into a range of electronic devices in the future. Vtouch is Samsung's idea that makes it even more convenient to use electronics. Many modern electronic devices are serviced by touch. But it is […]

Only Samsung could make such a TV – what makes it different?

The Internet got photos depicting the first frameless TV of the South Korean brand. The presentation of the new items should take place during the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas. But photos have already appeared, designed so that everyone can imagine the appearance of the long-awaited series of 8K QLED TVs. At the […]

Samsung at CES 2020 will show NEON. Artificial Intelligence Expected to Take It to the Next Level

NEON is a new artificial intelligence-based project that Samsung is about to showcase during the January CES 2020 exhibit. So far, the new solution is shrouded in mystery. It is known, however, that it is not related to Bixby, which the manufacturer has already confirmed. The team of specialists from STAR Labs is responsible for […]

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