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realme 5 pro became the leader in smartphone sales in Citrus

The realme brand expected in Ukraine quickly burst into the country's market. Literally immediately after the start of sales in Citrus, there was an incredible increase in sales for this brand. Consumers really appreciated the brand's products – a win-win combination of high performance, the latest technology, stylish design and super prices. The first week […]

Redmi K30 already celebrates 1 million sales!

The Redmi K30 lineup appeared in December, and the company has already managed to sell 1 million units. According to the official profile of the Weibo brand, this applies to both K30 smartphones and K30 5G smartphones. What makes this amount even more impressive is that it was achieved despite a significant market slowdown caused […]

New batteries created to replace up to a thousand conventional batteries

In the US alone, 3 billion batteries are thrown away annually. Other studies show that the average family uses about 50 batteries each year. Lithium-ion batteries still dominate the market and their use is increasing. Meanwhile, they are harmful to the environment. Therefore, many companies come to the conclusion that batteries may be the more […]

iPhone is still the most popular premium smartphone

iPhones have been selling worse recently than before. However, Apple has remained the undisputed leader in the premium handset market all this time. Last quarter, iPhone's share in this segment grew and managed to break through the 50% barrier. The following two positions are occupied by smartphones from Samsung and Huawei. IPhone sales have been […]

Apple predicted huge sales of iPhone 12 with 5G module

According to DigiTimes, Apple wants to order up to 100 million iPhone 12s for next year. So far this year, the company expects to sell about 80 million devices. This quantitative leap is dictated, obviously, by the fact that next year much more people will want to have a phone already in the 5G standard. […]

Redmi K30 – premiere and sales coming soon!

Xiaomi CEO, confirmed the debut of Redmi K30 as early as next month. After the December release, we can expect the start of sales in January 2020. What is known about the 5G model? It became known that the smartphone will be available for sale in January, it is quite possible that in Russia. It's […]

No one heard of him a year ago. Today it’s clear – Realme is the new Xiaomi

Realme, which has existed for only a year and a half, has been conquering the smartphone market; currently it is already in 7th place worldwide in terms of sales. Realme is a manufacturer that just a year ago would not have been looked at at all. The company debuted in May 2018, and has since […]

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will have a powerful camera

Already on November 14, Xiaomi will introduce the Mi Note 10 phone for sale in Europe. This will be the global version of the CC9 Pro, which, in turn, will debut on November 5. The company showed a new poster, from which we learn the details about the webcam. Recently, Xiaomi has truly surprised with […]

Apple Results – iPhone Sales Fall, but Revenue Rises

Apple has published the latest quarterly reports. From the beginning of July until the end of September, the company sold less iPhone than a year earlier. However, her total income became larger. The departments of services and accessories also record good income. Apple currently has more than $ 200 billion in cash and securities. This […]

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