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Standalone disinfection robot (video)

Researchers at the Massachusetts Research Institute (USA) teamed up with Ava Robotics to create a standalone robot equipped with UVC disinfection lamps. The coronavirus epidemic taught us how quickly bacteria are transmitted in our daily lives. Closed places full of people, such as factories, various trading bases or warehouses, are especially dangerous. Given these circumstances, […]

Will the robo-dolphins save the animals by freeing them from captivity? (video)

Edge Innovations has created a dolphin robot that can help real animals. Edge Innovations is involved in animation and special effects – it has repeatedly helped in films requiring the presence of wild animals in the foreground. After the animal trade ceased after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese aquarium asked the company to create a […]

Artificial intelligence robot will play a role in the film

Erica – a humanoid robot controlled by artificial intelligence, will play in the last film of the creators of "Loving Vincent". According to The Hollywood Reporter, everything indicates that soon we will see a completely artificial actor on the screens of movie theaters. We are talking about the Erica robot, which, according to rumors, should […]

In Singapore, robots make sure people in the park keep their distance

Spot, a dog-like Boston Dynamics robot, entered the commercial production market at the end of 2019, and today it is already deployed in urban environments. Boston Dynamics robots appeared in Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore. Boston Dynamics says that Spot is great for situations where you need to check dangerous places inaccessible to […]

The smallest microelectronic robot in the world equipped with tiny "jet engines"

On the pages of our site we have repeatedly told our readers about microrobots of various types, including those that are capable of moving with the help of jet propulsion. However, the new microrobot, created by a group from the Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, stands out from the general series, it is now the […]

New robot for children

Moxie was created to give children (ages 6 to 9) an emotionally informed buddy who was also equipped with learning opportunities. “Moxie, a revolutionary companion developed in partnership with Embodied, Inc. this contributes to the social, emotional and cognitive learning of children across the full spectrum of abilities — from neurotypical to neurodivergent through game […]

A robot has been created that receives the energy it needs, "devouring" a metal surface

Rechargeable batteries have served humanity quite well for several decades. However, the dimensions of modern electronic devices are literally decreasing every year, and in them, these devices, there is no longer room for heavy, sufficiently large batteries, which, moreover, require periodic recharging. There are, of course, alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, but all […]

This robot vacuum cleaner works like a mop with water tanks!

Spring cleaning has now become an everyday activity. Since there is no vaccine for coronavirus yet, all we can do is stay home and make sure that we keep it clean so that the virus has no chance in our territory. Along with a sharp increase in sales of disinfectants and masks, all cleaning products […]

Google experts have taught a robot dog to move like a real dog

A group of researchers or Google’s Artificial Intelligence Lab (Google AI lab) has developed a system that allows a robot dog to learn how to accurately copy the movements and behavior of a real dog by “watching” specially prepared videos. Note that teaching robots to perform certain tasks, imitating the movements of living beings, has […]

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