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Redmi K30i will be the cheapest 5G smartphone

5G smartphones are clearly more expensive than 4G models, so there is ongoing competition among manufacturers for who will be most able to reduce the price of such equipment. In this niche, Redmi can lead with the planned Redmi K30i smartphone. The Redmi K30 5G phone, using the Snapdragon 765g chip with a 5G modem, […]

Redmi launches its first smart display

Redmi has just announced that it will launch its smart display, which is an intelligent display for living quarters. Such screens are devices that are a mix of tablet and smart speaker. Display Redmitouch Screen Speaker 8 in fact is a gadget similar to Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8, which is modeled on Amazon […]

Watch the announcement of Redmi Note 9S live

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max last week, and now it's time to introduce the third phone – Redmi Note 9S. It seems that this is a rebranding Redmi Note 9 Pro, as evidenced by its leak into the Geekbench scorecard. Today, the company is broadcasting its launch […]

Xiaomi has sold 110 million Redmi Note phones

Xiaomi has been launching Redmi Note phones since 2014, and this line has been popular with customers from day one. A smartphone maker today announced it has sold 110 million Redmi Note phones. Redmi has recently been singled out as a separate brand, although obviously it still shares most of its research and development, production […]

List of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones that can get MIUI 12

Yesterday, a list of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones that can get MIUI appeared. Of course, this is not official information, so you need to treat it with some degree of distrust, but still. However, not everyone understands that getting a new firmware version is not always equivalent to getting a new version of Android. […]

Redmi K30 already celebrates 1 million sales!

The Redmi K30 lineup appeared in December, and the company has already managed to sell 1 million units. According to the official profile of the Weibo brand, this applies to both K30 smartphones and K30 5G smartphones. What makes this amount even more impressive is that it was achieved despite a significant market slowdown caused […]

In the top 10 best-selling smartphones, only iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Redmi from Xiaomi

Apple's iPhone XR has become the best-selling smartphone in 2019, according to analytics by Canalys. At the same time, only his relatives are present in the top 10, as well as representatives of the Samsung Galaxy and Redmi family from Xiaomi. There are no representatives of other brands among the leaders. The same picture is […]

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