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Tesla Autopilot Navigation Detects Traffic Light

Tesla has long been developing new features for its autopilot. Among them, among other things, support for the detection of traffic lights and stop signs. Now, as the American manufacturer said, both decisions went to public use. The new feature, available in software update 2020.12.6, automatically detects an approaching traffic light or stop sign, and […]

Nubia Red Magic 5G will become a real monster! Charging speed is amazing

The upcoming Nubia Red Magic 5G will be the next gaming smartphone from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. The flagship of the new generation will win against its predecessors – it will receive ultra-fast charging and a 144 Hz screen. We have the right to demand more from gaming smartphones than from phones designed for – […]

Scientists: Mars is losing water faster than we thought

Mars is a barren planet, but researchers claim that once there was a lot of water on its surface. New studies show that large amounts of water penetrate the higher parts of the atmosphere in the form of steam. Scientists have observed on the Red Planet the effect of glut, which is associated with a […]

The recently discovered exoplanet shows: humanity still knows too little about planet formation

GJ3512b is an exoplanet that is located about 30 light years from our Earth. This is a gas giant that spins around a red dwarf. The new planet is interesting because it is one of the largest, which is in a system with a small star and has a wide orbit. Scientists cannot explain how […]

Astronomers captured the final moment in the life cycle of a giant red star

The duration of human life on the cosmic time scales is shorter than the flash of one pulse of the fastest, femtosecond laser. This, in turn, deprives us of the opportunity to observe the course of the full life cycles of galaxies, stars, and planets, but sometimes the good luck smiles at the scientific astronomers, […]

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