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Galaxy Fold Lite will not appear until next year

Samsung is expected to showcase three new flagships soon. We will probably see them already on August 5th at Unpacked. The bad news is that among them, most likely, there will be no Galaxy Fold Lite. South Korean portal Viva 100 reports that Samsung was due to premiere a simplified version of the Galaxy Fold […]

Xiaomi's next flagship will have 16 GB of RAM

It is expected that the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi will debut with a huge amount of RAM. The device will have up to 16 gigabytes of RAM. Initially, Xiaomi Black Shark 3 was supposed to get 16 GB of RAM, but this did not happen. Now there is a new rumor that the next flagship […]

Lexus revealed its first electric car

Lexus is slowly emerging from the design phase of electric cars and plans to produce an actual vehicle of this type. However, strangely enough, the company did not invent a car with a new design, rather, it reworked the existing model. The Lexus concern showed the car UX 300. This is an electric version of […]

HoloLens 2 officially appeared – Microsoft introduces new AR glasses

Microsoft has finally officially unveiled a new generation of its virtual reality glasses. HoloLens 2 is already available for sale to all comers, although this product is more likely for enterprises and professionals than for the general consumer. You have to pay for points – a “trifle” – $ 3,500. Microsoft indicated in a press […]

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