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Estimated how many people are needed to create a functioning colony on Mars

Mars is a planet that humanity is likely to colonize someday. It is only a matter of time. However, how many people need all this to make sense? Professor Jean-Marc Salotti decided to look for the answer to this question. He managed to calculate the minimum colonizers needed for this project. Salotti, a professor at […]

Apple removes e-cigarette processing apps from App Store

Recently, more and more questions have been raised regarding electronic cigarettes. Disputes are underway regarding the impact of electronic cigarettes on human health. Apple joins this group, which has removed about 200 e-cigarette apps from the App Store. It is worth recalling that for a long time already electronic cigarettes appeared as a healthier alternative […]

Users complain again about iOS 13.2

This time we are talking about applications running in the background. IOS-13 users have no peace using this operating system. And this is a rather sad situation. Since the release, many corrections have been introduced and subsequent errors and problems still arise. Now Apple customers are complaining about how the system behaves in relation to […]

EU does not want international network security treaty

Network security is becoming an increasingly serious issue. The United Nations came up with the initiative of a special treaty regulating the issue of cybersecurity, however, this initiative was met with caution from the European Union. The Internet has become the main element of the flow of information in the modern world – information that […]

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