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Scientists first created a unique quantum entanglement, W-state, in which three photons are involved

Researchers from the University of Illinois and other academic institutions first created a state of quantum entanglement in which three photons are involved. This would not be surprising if this state were not a unique special combination called the W state, in which the loss of one of the three photons does not lead to […]

2000 atoms in two places at the same time – a new record in the field of creating a state of quantum superposition

A group of scientists from the University of Vienna and the University of Basel tested the principle of quantum superposition on the largest scale in the entire history of science. Huge complex molecules, consisting of two thousand atoms, were placed in a state of superposition, being, at the same time, in two places at the […]

Physicists do not lose hope to combine quantum mechanics and General Relativity

Quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity are two opposites that form the basis of modern physics. However, these two fundamentals are mutually exclusive, from the point of view of the Theory of Relativity, all physical phenomena are based on the relation of motion between the observer and the observed object. But some […]

For the first time, Google has been able to demonstrate real quantum superiority.

Not so long ago, an article published by Google researchers was spotted on NASA's website. Despite the fact that she, this article, was deleted quite quickly, many people managed to get acquainted with its contents, in which Google researchers claim that they managed to achieve real quantum superiority in solving a specific computing problem on […]

A new record has been set for the range of conservation of quantum entanglement between light and matter

The ghostly world of quantum mechanics promises us the future of a fast and secure Internet, the amazing computing power of quantum computers and much more. And now, researchers from the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Quantum Optics and Computer Science of the Austrian Academy of Sciences have taken another step towards the […]

Artificial Intelligence can model quantum systems without requiring massive amounts of computing resources

Modeling quantum computing systems is a computationally difficult task. Everything that happens in the ghostly quantum world obeys unusual laws described by entire systems of complex equations, and with an increase in the number of elements of a quantum system, the number of computational resources required for its modeling increases exponentially. Thus, with the complexity […]

A quantum microphone capable of “hearing” individual sound particles has been created.

Physicists at Stanford University have created a device that can be called the term “quantum microphone,” whose sensitivity is high enough to measure the parameters of individual sound particles called phonons. This new device can become the basis for new types of quantum sensors, various transducers and an information storage device for future quantum computers. […]

Each transistor has its own quantum signature, which can be used as a unique identifier.

Uninitiated people believe that electric current flows exactly the same through the same components of our electronic devices. However, at the quantum level, an electric current can be depicted as a current stream, the surface of which is covered with thin ripples that arise due to the repulsion of electrons and other quantum phenomena in […]

A new base unit for a quantum computer has been created, working 200 times faster than its closest competitors

Scientists from the University of New South Wales (University of New South Wales, UNSW) have created a new type of quantum logic element, consisting of two qubits, realized as separate atoms, placed on the surface of a silicon substrate. Such a two-qubit element is a basic component for creating a more complex quantum computer. Moreover, […]

Scientists began to receive confirmation of the participation of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement in chemical reactions

Scientists have long suspected that the phenomenon of quantum entanglement plays an important role in photosynthesis reactions and other natural chemical reactions. But the significance of this role remains an unknown value to this day, because the fact of the presence of quantum entanglement is hardly exposed to identification and measurement. Recently, researchers from Purdue […]

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