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The phenomenon of quantum entanglement was first demonstrated using the tiny CubeSat nanosatellite in near-Earth orbit.

Researchers at National University of Singapore have successfully demonstrated the phenomenon of quantum entanglement created using miniature equipment placed on board a tiny CubeSat standard nanosatellite moving in a circular Earth orbit. The device, located inside the nanosatellite, is capable of generating pairs of entangled (coupled at the quantum level) photons, which in the future […]

A nanomotor consisting of only 16 atoms and working on the boundary between classical physics and quantum mechanics has been created

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL), together with their colleagues from other scientific organizations, have created what can be called one of the smallest engines ever made by people. This tiny device consists of only 16 atoms of various chemical elements, and it works, being […]

Scientists demonstrate another working prototype of quantum radar

On the pages of our site we have already told our readers about the detection technology, which uses the principles of quantum mechanics, about the so-called quantum radar, against which no existing stealth technology can help. Some successes in this direction were achieved in due time by a group of Chinese and American scientists. And […]

Australian scientists accidentally found a solution to the mystery of quantum mechanics

About 60 years ago, an American physicist and Nobel laureate Nicolaas Bloembergen predicted the existence of such a thing as nuclear electrical resonance. However, until recently, no one has been able to demonstrate this phenomenon live. But not so long ago, in one of the laboratories of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, […]

A new record was set for the teleportation distance of quantum information over optical fiber, which amounted to 509 kilometers

A group of scientists from the Scientific and Technical University of China and Tsinghua University at one time developed and perfected an information exchange protocol called SNS-TF (Sending-or-Not-Sending Twin-Field), which is the most effective solution for implementing quantum distribution technology encryption keys (quantum key distribution, QKD), operating over long distances and using optical fiber as […]

CERN scientists first measured the manifestations of certain quantum effects in antimatter

Scientists at the ALPHA experiment at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, reported the first successful measurements of the manifestation of some quantum effects in the energy structure of antihydrogen, a “mirror” copy of ordinary hydrogen. Exactly the same quantum effects are known to exist in ordinary matter, and a detailed study of them […]

Physicists have discovered a new quantum phenomenon – the union of the spin and the moment of rotation of a quantum particle

Imagine a dancer rotating at her fingertips around her axis, while the dancer herself is on a rotating carousel. With some bad luck for this dancer at a certain point in time, her own moment of rotation can develop with the moment of rotation of the carousel, and a load will be applied to her […]

Scientists have created the most stable quantum silicon chip, based on artificial atoms

Recently, scientists from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, have found a way to stabilize tiny silicon structures called artificial atoms, making them virtually independent of defects in silicon that occur during the manufacturing phase. These artificial atoms are the basis of quantum bits, qubits, the main blocks of any quantum computing and […]

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