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Scientists have developed a project that allows you to charge devices via Wi-Fi

The idea of ​​scientists involves the use of terahertz radiation energy, which is also radiated through routers that support Wi-Fi networks. Theoretically, it will be used to charge implants and mobile devices. All devices emitting a radio signal used to create wireless networks also produce terahertz radiation. This is the range of electromagnetic waves that […]

Code gives Samsung work on a mysterious device

Samsung's mysterious hardware, named Project Zodiac, appeared as a hint in code. What is the Korean manufacturer preparing? Project Zodiac is a code name that can indicate nothing more than the Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone – the successor to the Samsung folding device that was introduced in 2019. All this should use the Qualcomm Snapdragon […]

US works on more advanced face recognition

Thanks to machine learning, the U.S. Army can use advanced face recognition technology. According to New Scientist, the US military is funding the creation of a portable face recognition device that can identify people from a distance of 1 kilometer. None of the technologies currently available work in such an advanced way. The project was […]

Jaguar and Land Rover unveil a vision of autonomous city transport

Achieving zero emissions is one of the missions for the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. For this purpose, they decided to introduce a new concept car – Project Vector. The prototype was developed at the National Automobile Innovation Center at the University of Warwick in the UK with the participation of academic and industry partners. […]

Google is working on an innovative project

Google has created a new generation of Glass sunglasses. The company also released new open source applications, as well as code samples to help developers. Google has announced that developers and companies can seamlessly buy Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 directly from selected retailers. Previously, Google customers will have to respond in collaboration with independent […]

Second addition for Metro Exodus with release date

4A Games Studio announced that on February 11 it will release the second and final addition to the plot for the Metro Exodus shooter, thereby completing work on this impressive project almost a year after its debut in mid-February last year. Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The package was called “Sam's Story” and […]

Samsung Ballie – a ball-shaped robot that takes care of its owner

Yellowish, charming and very helpful. Samsung has revealed its new robot guardian project, which will help us with our daily tasks. At last year's CES, Samsung introduced the Bot Care robot, which monitors the owner’s life functions and supports them with advice in the event of a health problem. This time, the Korean company went […]

A Chinese company is creating a robot cat. The project is already on Kickstarter

The future is now with us. We are accustomed to the existence of cleaning robots "walking" around the house, and now it's time … a robotic kitten. The Chinese company Elephant Robotics decided to introduce just such a device. An autonomous MarsCat is, as its name indicates, a robot kitten that supposedly behaves just like […]

A cheap smoke filter device was created. The project was developed by MIT engineers

Specialists from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an interesting device that can help combat climate change. Inexpensive equipment is used to capture carbon dioxide, which is transported to the atmosphere. MIT engineers have created a very interesting carbon dioxide capture device that affects climate warming. Existing methods require the use of […]

Cows got a kit for virtual reality

The network got photos of cows wearing a kit for virtual reality. What is it? Joke? In social networks, photos of cows began to appear, with virtual reality kits on their heads. It turns out that this is an experiment conducted in Russia. Thanks to the use of glasses, cows should not only give more […]

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