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Xiaomi is going to go to MWC 2020

The MWC exhibition is approaching. Unfortunately, the events of recent weeks have led to the fact that more and more companies refuse to come to the exhibition. Xiaomi decided, however, to appear with its products. MWC is one of the annual major events related to electronics and new technologies. However, this year a big problem […]

Google Chrome 80 is already available. Among the new products – notifications will become invisible

Google Chrome 80 is the latest version of the popular web browser that you can already download. In this version, quieter notifications from sites appear. They will not be as noticeable as before. In addition, Chrome 80 introduces a new cookie classification system, which will be implemented in the second half of February (more on […]

LG InstaView – new refrigerators featuring content

Within a few days, during the CES 2020 exhibition, LG will introduce two new smart refrigerators. InstaView models are distinguished by several useful technologies, in particular, automatic registration of pledged products and the creation of ice in the form of balls. InstaView refrigerators appeared on the market in 2018. Now the manufacturer is preparing for […]

oBravo Cupid – an amazing novelty among headphones

oBravo is still a little-known Taiwanese manufacturer of audio equipment in our country. The products of this brand are distinguished by unique technological solutions, which allows us to expect sound sensations at a really high, global level, inaccessible to many manufacturers. oBravo is a company that has several innovative products in the headphone category. She […]

Firefox 71.0 available: among the new products is the well-known Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function

The new version of Firefox 71.0 is now available and we have the opportunity to see what innovations the updated Mozilla browser brings. In this issue, the addition of picture-in-picture mode deserves special attention. Firefox 71.0 after several weeks of beta testing still appears in a stable version. In the latest version of Mozilla, we […]

Bill Gates: Huawei has always been very innovative

Bill Gates during an interview in Beijing mentioned Huawei. He said that he always considered her very innovative. The founder of Microsoft claims that Huawei has cheap products on the market, and even with the built-in standard 5G, and thus causes competitiveness for other corporations. Bill Gates also mentioned the trade war between China and […]

Gold Edition: Apple Airpods Pro earphones on sale

The Russian company Caviar, specializing in the production of luxury products of popular brands, has introduced a new version of the Apple AirPods Pro headphones, which were plated with gold. They are unique because the manufacturer has prepared only one instance of these popular headphones. The limited edition Apple AirPods Pro is completely plated with […]

Xiaomi now has its own mineral water

Xiaomi is the company that is best known for producing relatively inexpensive and high-quality smartphones. However, in recent years, the corporation has grown to an incredible level, and the company is already selling all kinds of products. The company decided to surprise and release a product marked with the Xiaomi logo, which has nothing to […]

iPhone 11 and other new Apple products at the start of sales in Ukraine will have reduced prices

In Ukraine, the official start of sales of the new iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 and latest generation iPad models will begin in a week, October 11, and only the first 4 days, from October 11 to October 14, can be purchased at special discounted prices. So, the first buyers of the official iPhone […]

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