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Problems with Huawei? It's about new smartphones

Due to the rules introduced by the US Department of Commerce and the problems of the Chinese with the fulfillment of orders, Huawei must very quickly overestimate its ability to mass-produce smartphones. Information appearing on the network indicates that the Chinese, in connection with the mentioned situation, will be forced to postpone the launch of […]

Windows 10 has another bad update

Once again, the latest Microsoft update for Windows 10 causes problems on users' computers. The fix was marked as KB4549951. A user group after installing a new update for Windows 10 should experience the same problems as usual: in particular, it is a blue screen of death or problems with turning on the computer. The […]

WhatsApp Beta with New Features

Although the latest messenger updates are primarily related to security issues, WhatsApp has proven that it also remembers other features. Proof of this is the latest beta version of the application, which presents some interesting solutions. Firstly, this is the advanced search option, which allows us to scroll through our messages in search of specific […]

ESA is experiencing problems due to coronavirus

The European Space Agency has stated that the current coronavirus epidemic has contributed to adjustments in many space missions. ESA said it is reducing the number of operations and missions, and also sending its employees to work from home – at least for the Control Center in Germany. As a result, some missions must be […]

Warning coronavirus! May get into your car

The coronavirus epidemic has caused serious problems in the automotive industry. Regular companies suspend car production. Not only in factories in China, but also in factories located in other countries, but depending on the supply of parts and accessories from China. Some, however, try to balance their problems at least minimally, using the current situation […]

Windows 7 gets first update after support is complete

Windows 7, theoretically, should not receive updates because Microsoft decided to “forget” this system in mid-January. However, it turns out that Windows 7 users can download the new update. The fix is ​​marked with the line KB4539601 and solves only one problem in the system related to wallpaper. Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 on […]

Yutiuber breaks the new Yutiuber breaks the new Motorola RAZR into pieces. It is almost impossible to repair it yourself (video)

Want to see what the Motorola RAZR is inside, but you have no desire to destroy an expensive device or just do not have this smartphone? Don’t worry – youtuber with the nickname PBKreviews did it for you. By the way, it turned out that if someone wants to fix this phone on their own, […]

China introduces severe restrictions on plastic consumption

Chinese authorities have announced that they plan to increase restrictions on the production, sale and use of disposable plastic in an attempt to solve one of the biggest problems in the country – environmental pollution. A huge amount of unprocessed plastic waste, they are buried in landfills or dumped into rivers. The United Nations has […]

Lucid Air – here it is, a worthy competitor for Tesla

After many troubles, the American company showed the production version of its luxurious, electric sedan. Lucid Motors is an American company that became famous in 2016 with the presentation of an original car that can forever change the focus on the electric car market. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, the entire project was in question […]

Sonos wants Google to remove Pixel and Google Home from the market

Google may have a problem. This time we are talking about patents relating to smart speakers. The company was accused of violating more than a hundred patents relating to various issues related to communication. Sonos accuses Google of infringing about 100 patents. They relate mainly to communication protocols that provide sound reproduction in several rooms […]

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