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iPhone 11 Pro allows you to transfer user location data despite the corresponding services disabled in the device

On Apple phones, users can manually turn off location tracking for all applications, and this can also be done at the system level. Unfortunately, as it turns out, even despite disabling the collection of this kind of data, the phone can collect them. It was discovered that if geolocation services were manually turned off manually […]

Apple is preparing a small revolution in the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

According to reliable sources, Apple plans to have several devices with mini-LED screens. The reason for introducing new technology may be different than it might seem. This year was very plentiful at Apple's premieres – in particular, the more powerful Mac Pro, iPhone 11 and 16-inch Macbook Pro debuted in the market. What will the […]

Xiaomi's new smartphone may look like the iPhone 11 Pro and have an additional screen

Xiaomi has the idea of ​​another smartphone that will have several distinctive features – one of them is the layout of the camera, inspired by the new iPhone 11. The new Xiaomi phone surprises with several design elements. Xiaomi is not afraid of revolutionary ideas, which confirms the creation of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Recently, […]

Huawei introduces Huawei P smart Pro in Ukraine: enjoy mobile photography with a 48MP triple camera

Huawei has announced the official launch of the Huawei P smart Pro, the new mid-range smartphone. Among the main features of the model are a retractable camera and a 6.59-inch FullView screen, which give an incredible viewing experience. The design of the smartphone is characterized by stylish colors and elegant texture, which makes the Huawei […]

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G is the cheapest smartphone with a modem for next-generation networks

The Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G is currently the cheapest smartphone that has a modem that communicates with 5G networks. Its price is really attractive, and this equipment is several hundred yuan cheaper than Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G models. Lenovo's new phone is compatible with 5G networks of the largest mobile operators in China. Lenovo […]

We know the release date of Huawei MatePad Pro. This is the first tablet with a hole in the screen!

We know the release date of the Huawei MatePad Pro tablet, which could be a watershed in the market for devices of this type. Why? MatePad Pro is the first tablet in the world that will have a round hole in the screen, so the frame around the screen becomes narrower. Is this enough to […]

Gold Edition: Apple Airpods Pro earphones on sale

The Russian company Caviar, specializing in the production of luxury products of popular brands, has introduced a new version of the Apple AirPods Pro headphones, which were plated with gold. They are unique because the manufacturer has prepared only one instance of these popular headphones. The limited edition Apple AirPods Pro is completely plated with […]

Huawei is working on a tablet similar to the iPad Pro

The network has images of a new tablet from Huawei. The device is somewhat reminiscent of the iPad Pro. It will probably be called MatePad Pro. The 91mobiles service published postscript saying it was probably MediaPad M7, the successor to MediaPad M6. For many, this tablet will be incredibly interesting, why? Because it will cost […]

The new Huawei MediaPad M7 resembles the iPad Pro

Huawei MediaPad M7 is a new tablet from the Chinese, the premiere of which is already close enough. Meanwhile, there was a leak of information that will be incredibly interesting to all those who want to purchase this model. Images of the device appeared on the network. In front, the new MediaPad looks like an […]

AirPods Pro coming soon

It has long been clear that Apple is working on new AirPods, which should receive noise reduction. These assumptions were confirmed along with beta firmware 13.2. Now we know when the headphones will appear on the market and how much they will cost. It is worth remembering one thing when choosing headphones: not for nothing […]

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