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Another iPhone without headphones and a charger. Will fans of this brand like this?

Analysts at the British bank Barclays predict that the iPhone 12 can be presented without headphones and a charger in the box. Users will buy them separately, directly from the manufacturer. If Barclays is right, then the new iPhone 12 will only ship to users with a USB Type-C cable for Lightning. Purchasing a charger […]

Google's artificial intelligence began weather prediction

Google has developed algorithms designed to predict the weather. Their effectiveness turned out to be better than that of traditionally applied solutions. Using artificial intelligence from Google to predict short-term forecasts, it turned out that the algorithms work better than the traditionally used methods. The artificial intelligence of the American company uses previously available data […]

Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Heart Disease Problems

The development of artificial intelligence may soon affect our health. Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a system that is able to assess the risk of death due to heart disease. All thanks to the RiskCardio system, which with the help of machine learning can diagnose our condition only with the help of […]

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