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Here's what the new Start menu in Windows 10 might look like

Those in charge of the Microsoft 365 project have introduced a new, possible appearance of the Start menu "in Windows 10. All this has been slightly redesigned and updated. In the preview of the new Start menu, you can see the icons in the list of applications that do not have a square background, as […]

Lexus LC Convertible

The luxury LC Convertible Convertible is the first Lexus with a foldable soft roof. Therefore, the engineers of the brand did not spare efforts to create the best roof for this unique car. The new roof not only gives the LC Convertible silhouette an elegant, sophisticated shape that is directly linked to the LC Coupe […]

Firefox 71.0 available: among the new products is the well-known Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function

The new version of Firefox 71.0 is now available and we have the opportunity to see what innovations the updated Mozilla browser brings. In this issue, the addition of picture-in-picture mode deserves special attention. Firefox 71.0 after several weeks of beta testing still appears in a stable version. In the latest version of Mozilla, we […]

Huawei with a new record for data download speed through 5G

Huawei announced that it has set a new record for downloading data over 5G networks. This was made possible through a partnership with the Swiss operator Sunrise. It is also worth adding that a new value is installed on the commercial network. The previous record for downloading data in 5G networks was 2 Gbps. Of […]

Japanese NHK works on broadcast in 8K

The Japanese public broadcaster NHK, known for its experimental Hi-Vision broadcasts, is working on how to start broadcasting 8K for Japanese households. At the moment, there is a 12-hour broadcast in 8K format on the NHK BS8K satellite channel. NHK research units have successfully tested the possibility of 8K terrestrial broadcasts back in 2012. NHK, […]

The premiere of a Huawei smartphone with the Harmony OS system will have to wait a long time

Harmony OS is undoubtedly the biggest announcement from Huawei in recent weeks. Along with the presentation of the new system, there were also rumors about the possible premiere of a smartphone with OS this year, but everyone is almost sure that this will not come to this. At a press conference in New York, Huawei's […]

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