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Japan Airlines shows where children sit on an airplane

People who travel to Japan Japan Airlines can already use the new feature in the reservation system. It will allow you to choose a place away from children. Traveling with children is not easy. Kids do not tolerate long flights, often reacting with crying, hysteria, or other behavior that makes traveling difficult for travel companions. […]

Rozetka.ua – the "leader" in overpayments for the delivery of goods, in third place – ALLO

According to the test.org.ua study conducted in 2019, 20 online stores were checked. This year, it was revealed not only the delivery of the fiscal receipt upon delivery to the buyer and pickup from the store, but also possible overpayments, as well as how easy it is to return the goods and receive the money. […]

Saturn suddenly overtook Jupiter: scientists found another 20 moons

Saturn has become the undisputed leader in the number of moons in the solar system. Scientists have found another 20 of them that revolve directly around the gas giant. A group of astronomers led by Scott S. Sheppard found new satellites orbiting the gas giant. Adding them to the celestial bodies already familiar to us, […]

The premiere of Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G took place. Its price and technical specifications confuse the competitors!

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5 is officially unveiled. The improved flagship Xiaomi received a 5G modem, a very powerful SoC Snapdragon 855+ with a lot of RAM and internal memory, a powerful battery with very fast charging. The price of Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro is quite attractive. Technical specifications Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G By […]

Within 3 years, 120 million people may lose their jobs due to AI

According to a study commissioned by IBM, up to 120 million workers from the 12 largest economies in the world will have to retrain or change jobs. This is to blame for artificial intelligence, which is faster and faster replacing people in companies. One way to deal with automation is to constantly train employees. Unfortunately, […]

Martian bacteria probably moved elsewhere

Life on Mars could survive and adapt to new conditions. This follows from the latest data obtained in the Atacama Desert. It is unlikely that the best place to save life on Mars was the same planet as a million, and even more so a billion years ago. The microbes there were probably supposed to […]

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