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Something troubling happens to one of the brightest stars.

From October last year, until recently, Betelgeuse experienced an unprecedented decrease in brightness. It was so serious that for a moment they forced Betelgeuse to leave the club of the 20 brightest stars in the night sky. Scientists have long speculated on the reasons for the decrease in brightness, and recent studies show that other […]

The world's first transparent smart mask N99 + with UV-C sterilization

In the current situation, when we all need to consider the presence of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on society, we wear face masks. Numerous fabric or paper face masks hide our appearance and our personality. We lose personal connections with people when we do not understand their intentions and cannot see the facial […]

Breakthrough discovery on HIV

HIV can hide in the brain cells and from there use white blood cells to transport to other organs. Research by the US National Institutes of Health has centered around cells called astrocytes. These are spindle-shaped star-shaped glial cells that can be found in the brain and spinal cord. Researchers transplanted HIV-infected human astrocyte cells […]

Signal with auto blur on photos

Signal is a messenger that provides user privacy. Its developers have developed a feature that consists in the possibility of blurring the face in photographs. This can be done using the new option introduced in photo editing tools. Thus, saved photos can be used in other applications. Signal introduces a new photo editing tool. This […]

Airbus is developing sensors to be deployed at airports and aircraft. For what purpose?

According to the Financial Times, Airbus is developing special sensors that should detect explosives or biological hazards. The technology will be implemented, among other things, at airports. Airbus uses sensors based on modified biological cells that can detect odors in its new project. The company would like to introduce its technologies at airports and even […]

Tesla Autopilot Navigation Detects Traffic Light

Tesla has long been developing new features for its autopilot. Among them, among other things, support for the detection of traffic lights and stop signs. Now, as the American manufacturer said, both decisions went to public use. The new feature, available in software update 2020.12.6, automatically detects an approaching traffic light or stop sign, and […]

Google Chrome 81 Now Available

According to the announcement, Google has made the latest version of its Chrome browser available. The update brings with it, among other things, a new notification system, as well as support for WebXR. Due to the raging epidemic of coronavirus, the technology giant has made changes to the update schedules of its browser. According to […]

Amazon's first case of coronavirus

Amazon announced its first confirmed case of COVID-19 in a warehouse. The case concerns the New York branch. According to a statement released by an e-commerce giant, an infected Amazon employee was working in a warehouse in the Queens area in New York. All employees of this unit were sent home, and the place was […]

New leaks about the smartphone Nokia 5.3

New information about the next Nokia smartphone has hit the Internet. The model appeared number 5.3 and will receive, among other things, a camera in the style of “Oreo”. Nokia is preparing a new smartphone from the middle price segment. It is expected that the manufacturer will implement a 16-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixel telephoto […]

Pentagon wants to catch drones in the net (video)

The U.S. Department of Defense wants to use a special drone to catch other unauthorized flying devices. Drone Hunter is a modern drone that uses artificial intelligence to detect, track, and intercept unauthorized drones. The device uses a special radar to track possible targets. If someone is in his area of ​​operation, Drone Hunter shoots […]

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