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Apple Analyst Opinion: New iPhone without adapter and AirPods

Min-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst who often speaks about Apple, has just announced that the Cupertino-based company will no longer add an adapter and EarPods to the smartphone. Recently, a statement by Min-Chi Kuo, an analyst whose assumptions were often justified, appeared on the network. This time we are talking about the power adapter and […]

Tesla Struggles For Changes In European Law Regarding Truck Restrictions

Tesla is set to launch the first batch of its electric trucks this year. However, Tesla Semi is not easy to enter the transport market. This is a difficult and complex industry, and although there are not many electric competitors on the market, obtaining permission will not be easy. Company executives want to prepare the […]

Mission to Mars may be a one way ticket

According to the Apollo 15 astronaut, the landing of people on Mars will not happen for another 30 years. And when, finally, it succeeds, there is no certainty that the participants in the mission will return happily. Problems in cosmic radiation. Colonel Alfred M. Warden took part in the Apollo 15 mission. He was a […]

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