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Samsung Galaxy will be released soon without Qualcomm Snapdragon

Information has appeared on the Internet that the next generation of Samsung flagships in the Galaxy S series can use only one type of processor. Samsung currently uses two chip models with which it ships flagship smartphones. Models designed for the European market use the Exynos chip, while models designed for the US market come […]

New Google Nest on the first photo and video

Google will soon introduce the new Nest speaker in the lineup, which will succeed the first-generation Home model. We have the opportunity to see a photo and a short video dedicated to the new product. Its specification or features remain a mystery. Only the appearance of the new speaker is known. Google has been working […]

The new Start menu in Windows 10. Tell us how to turn it on!

For Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new Start menu. If you still do not know how to enable it, we will tell you. Since the new Start menu is still under testing, it was available only to those who use the latest build of Windows 10 20161. To make this even more difficult, only half […]

Xiaomi certifies a powerful charger (video)

The information that Xiaomi is preparing a 120 W charger is not new. The corresponding charger was supposed to appear just this year. Everything indicates that this is really going to happen. Xiaomi has certified just such a charger. Data comes from the 3C website. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not specify which particular model will […]

Windows 98 is now in the browser

Windows 98 has survived to a version in a web browser. The operating system, which was still available on CD, can work on almost any modern computer with Internet access. An interesting project appeared on one of the sites, involving the complete emulation of Windows 98 in a web browser. The system starts by default […]

Apple may release iPhone 12 4G

Recent reports suggest that Apple may release two iPhone 12 models that will support the 4G network standard. They will appear on the market if only because many states are just beginning to introduce this standard. According to analyst Daniel Ives, the two iPhone 12 models will be 4G, and the rest will be 5G. […]

A green-blue fireball flew over Australia. Scientists are not sure what it is (video)

The sky over the western part of Australia illuminated a very bright object, which for half a minute "posed" for photos and videos. Scientists do not agree that the origin of this object, but to find it may be impossible. What are theories? On Monday night, a ball of fire illuminated the sky over Western […]

Samsung AirDresser – a cabinet that helps to refresh clothes (photo + video)

Samsung AirDresser is a cabinet that allows you to refresh even clothes made of delicate fabrics, so far you had to go to specialized laundries or dry cleaners. Thanks to the unique technology, it allows not only to clean their dirt, but also to remove bacteria and viruses. In our cabinets you can find clothes […]

Sensation! The first prescription video game has appeared (video)

The Food and Drug Administration has just issued an innovative certificate that confirms that video games have therapeutic value. We are talking about Akili Interactive EndeavorRX, which can be legally sold as a medicine, and, on the recommendation of a doctor! True, so far only in the USA, but the developer will certainly try his […]

Tesla cars with new improvements

American electric cars Tesla Model 3 finally got a wireless charger for phones. Until now, this solution has been available only in the Chinese market. Tesla Model 3 is currently one of the most popular cars of the American brand that produces electric cars. Although the model has been available on the market for almost […]

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