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Toyota unveils new hydrogen car concept

The premiere of the electric Mirai hydrogen-powered sedan in 2014 led Toyota to become the world leader in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The concern is currently working on a new generation of this technologically advanced model. First-generation Mirai has accelerated the growth of awareness in the world of hydrogen technologies and the new opportunities that […]

Instagram already has a dark mode and new options for taking photos with filters

Instagram is still developing, and the company has already introduced the dark mode into the application, and now it is engaged in the processing of the webcam, with which we take photos in the application. Instagram announced that the application will wait for the improved module responsible for taking photos and videos. It is worth […]

Tesla will receive new sounds while driving

Tesla is still working on software updates for its electric vehicles. If Netflix or Cuphead is not enough for anyone, now everyone will be able to choose various sounds, including the sound of coconuts. The new update will affect the sounds that emit the sound of the motor during a slow ride. It is not […]

Oculus creator sells drone ramming other drones

Now the company has shown a special "antidron", the main task of which is to eliminate other drones of this type. Interestingly, we are not talking about any weapons on board, but about … a ram of drones in the air. Of course, the drone will require confirmation from the operator, but it can also […]

Google Assistant will now work with Xbox One

Managing your Xbox One console will now be able to connect to Google Assistant. Currently, the solution is in beta testing, but it seems to work without problems: it copes with the basic functions with a bang. Microsoft has allowed to connect to its console. At the moment, there are only two limitations. Firstly, we […]

Nokia will update to Android 10 even the cheapest smartphones

Google has already launched the latest version of its operating system – Android 10. Now the owner of the Nokia brand has announced that budget smartphones will receive an update to the latest version of the operating system. It should be noted that many people who have long ago bought smartphones of this company – […]

Android Dark Mode Instagram

Instagram is now testing dark mode in your application. It can be used by users of smartphones with Android versions 9 and 10, and the solution should be available for widespread use in the near future. Almost everyone uses Instagram, and Facebook has become a place to chat with friends, rather than a form of […]

IKEA will soon produce more energy than it consumes

A well-known Swedish company said that IKEA will consume less energy than it will produce during the manufacturing process. Recently, many companies are beginning to invest more in such things. IKEA has decided to go further. The company said that by 2020 it will generate more energy than it consumes in its stores. Moreover, IKEA […]

YouTube changes channel verification policies

YouTube decided to take the badges from YouTube, which previously marked their channels as “confirmed”. YouTube does this with channels that do not meet the new requirements. The service now decides which profiles will have the coveted “tick”. It is worth noting that now any user who has shown the documents will not be able […]

Acer designed the Predator Thronos Air gaming chair. Its price is shocking

Last year, during the IFA 2018 exhibition, Acer showed its first Thronos chair. Now the company is returning with a new model from this series, which, firstly, will take us half a room, and, secondly, it will cost incredibly expensive. There is a significant difference between the first series and the second: what is it […]

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