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OnePlus Nord in the teaser. See how it will look

OnePlus has long been announcing its new mid-range phone, which is the OnePlus Nord. It is expected that this model will appear on the market in July this year, and now we finally can take a look at how this smartphone looks. Teaser video does not provide much information. In fact, we just received confirmation […]

Want to help train your rover?

If you once dreamed of analyzing stones on Mars, then with the help of an interesting NASA project you can now find a replacement for such emotions. Available in a browser, the AI4Mars app allows you to travel the Red Planet aboard the Curiosity rover to explore the surroundings. The simulation was prepared by NASA's […]

China reveals details about new manned capsule

China is working on a new manned capsule that will be used for space flights. The first test of the ship took place last month, when it was launched aboard the Long March 5B rocket. Now there is information about the test conducted in May. The new capsule holds up to seven astronauts. China at […]

A ring that can replace a computer mouse

Since we all started working from home, objects that would otherwise have gone unnoticed have now attracted so much attention – especially if they are related to making work at home more comfortable. Innovative mouse designs are the latest trend in the design world, and this one certainly impresses our mind because it doesn't look […]

Zoom with stronger encryption features for paid users only

A popular messenger recently announced that it will provide even more powerful encryption features, but only for those who pay for the subscription. Now he explains this decision. Zoom director Eric Yuan said that this decision was dictated by the necessary control and the desire to help law enforcement if users appear to use the […]

Japanese supersmartphone – its screen is impressive!

The world's first smartphone equipped with a screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, appeared on the Taiwanese market. The Sharp Aquos Zero 2 smartphone debuted in September last year. This is the world's first smartphone with a 6.4-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz. It is also the lightest smartphone […]

Dyson revealed abandoned electric car design

Many were waiting for the electric car of the British technology company, unfortunately, the brand decided to cancel the project in October last year. Now, however, Dyson reveals details about its appearance and functionality. The electric car, code-named "N526" was supposed to be a seven-seater SUV, reminiscent of modern Range Rover. The impression was made […]

YouTube for Android and iOS with a new, more transparent page

The popular video service makes significant changes to its mobile application. This primarily concerns the interface of individual sections. The changes made by YouTube are designed to encourage users to watch more content and at the same time limit the amount of unnecessary information that can tire visitors. Instead of comments requiring scrolling down, feedback […]

New changes in Pokémon GO add more features to the game without leaving home

Faced with the current situation, the creators of Niantic are making changes to Pokémon GO, allowing you to enjoy the game even at home. Until recently, the main goal of the game was to encourage going outside, using movement and social interaction, but now Niantic is trying to achieve this while remaining safe. Coming soon […]

iOS 14 allows you to run applications without having to install them

iOS 14 is this year's iPhone software update to be announced during WWDC. New rumors about the system appeared on the Internet. It became known that a novelty codenamed Clips will be introduced. Now the user will be able to run applications without having to install them. Google previously allowed Android applications to run applications […]

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