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LIGO Gravity Detector Detects Second Case of Collision of Two Neutron Stars

Scientists working at the LIGO Gravity Observatory have announced yet another discovery of gravitational waves caused by the collision of a pair of neutron stars. This event is the second in a row when scientists were able to understand the distortion parameters of the space-time continuum and determine with sufficient probability the form of the […]

Astronomers have found a "missing" neutron star 30 years after a supernova explosion

On February 23, 1987, a supernova explosion, visible with the naked eye, illuminated the night sky. This event gave astronomers a unique opportunity to study supernova explosions, because the previous explosion so close to the Earth occurred more than 400 years ago in 1604. However, astronomers in the recent past did not succeed in detecting […]

Giant mass neutron star. According to scientists, it should not exist

Space scientists have reported the discovery of the most massive neutron star in history. J0740 + 6620 is a rapidly rotating pulsar with a mass of 2.17 times the sun. Moreover, its diameter is only 20-30 km. A teaspoon of neutron matter has a mass of as much as six billion tons. This comparison probably […]

Astronomers have discovered a neutron star, which became the champion in mass and size among the known

Endless space is full of various riddles and secrets. One of these puzzles concerns how neutron stars accumulate mass and, as a result of their own gravity, collapse with black holes. The discovery of a new neutron star, which has the largest mass among all known to people, can shed light on this riddle. Further […]

Astronomers have witnessed the rarest phenomenon – the collision of a black hole and a neutron star

Astronomers engaged in the "hunt" for gravitational waves, with a very high percentage of probability witnessed one of the rarest and most exotic events. On August 14 this year, at 9:10 am GMT, two LIGO gravitational wave sensors in the USA and a Virgo sensor in Italy registered a package of gravitational waves, called S190814bv. […]

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