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Segway Apex – the company showed the concept of an electric motorcycle

Segway is a company known, first of all, for various kinds of gyro scooters. This company decided to get out of its niche and showed the concept of an electric motorcycle. Apex is able to reach 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, and its maximum speed is 201 km / h. These are pretty […]

Tesla electric quad may appear in a year

So far, Elon Musk has not provided any details about the Tesla Cyberquad model, and now a post has appeared … The South African entrepreneur said on Twitter that Tesla plans to release its electric two-seater at the same time as the previously announced Cybetruck. It is expected to appear on sale as early as […]

Segway created the first electric mopeds for motocross

What can come from the combination of a mountain bike, sports bike and electric motor? The American company Segway decided to answer this question. Known so far for its electric scooters, Segway has decided to present the world with slightly wider projects. We are talking about two models of electric mopeds, specially designed for use […]

Harley Davidson resumes production of electric motorcycle

Harley Davidson has resumed production of the LiveWire electric motorcycle. An obstacle in creating LiveWire was a problem with charging the battery. Harley Davidson LiveWire is an electric motorcycle that is offered for $ 30,000. Due to a problem with charging the battery, the company was forced to stop production of this model. The manufacturer […]

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