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Lenovo promises to create a phone that will beat 600,000 points in AnTuTu

Phones for gamers, by definition, must be the most powerful and most effective. Lenovo ambitiously promises that their new model will improve the current AnTuTu record and break the barrier of 600 thousand points. In late December, it became known that Lenovo is preparing its own phone for gamers. The first harbinger of this swallow […]

WhatsApp gains two billion users a month

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular applications of this type. The company has just boasted that it has crossed yet another milestone in the number of users who use this program. WhatsApp already had a billion users in 2016, and two and a half years later. Now, after two consecutive years, the application […]

AnTuTu published smartphone test results

AnTuTu is a test platform that regularly publishes test results for smartphones and their processors. The latest January report is not much different from the December one. In February, after the launch of models with the Snapdragon 865, changes may occur on the catwalk. AnTuTu test platform has published a list of the top ten […]

China introduces severe restrictions on plastic consumption

Chinese authorities have announced that they plan to increase restrictions on the production, sale and use of disposable plastic in an attempt to solve one of the biggest problems in the country – environmental pollution. A huge amount of unprocessed plastic waste, they are buried in landfills or dumped into rivers. The United Nations has […]

TikTok can go on sale

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, checks various scenarios in the light of an alleged threat to national security. A company may even want to sell someone an extremely popular application. TikTok has long been one of the most popular applications in general, and, of course, a tycoon on iOS. Some time ago, the United […]

Most Cadillac cars will be electric by 2030

GM recently announced that by 2030, most of their cars will be electric. The information was first reported by Reuters. According to her, the head of GM, to which Cadillac belongs, made a promise in which he categorically stated that the year 2030 would be a turning point for his company. That is when most […]

IPhone chief designer leaves Apple after 30 years

Jony Ive is one of the most recognizable people working at Apple. During the year he was the head of the design team, and it was he who was responsible for the appearance of many of Cupertino's devices, including the iPhone. Jony Ive announced some time ago that he was leaving Apple, but was not […]

iPhone 12 with a new design that is still obsolete

The best pictures to date have depicted the iPhone 12. We again see a bang, which most manufacturers have refused. PhoneArena website shared its drawings on the topic of iPhone 12. Their visualizers, as a rule, have much in common with reality and it is quite possible that the new smartphone from Apple will be […]

Scientists have discovered a hidden black hole thanks to a new research method

In recent years, space has more and more attracted the attention of scientists. And you must remember that, unfortunately, humanity has not yet been able to study the most distant corners of space. Black holes are objects that are very numerous in space. Scientists were able to observe them using x-ray radiation. Meanwhile, scientists used […]

ASUS ROG Phone II with an interesting back panel

Asus ROG Phone II is one of the most interesting smartphones on the market for gamers. The new phone for gamers is, of course, powerful equipment that needs good air circulation and cooling. Apparently, given this nuance, there is an insert on the back of the smartphone, which theoretically should better cool the phone. We […]

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