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EU does not want international network security treaty

Network security is becoming an increasingly serious issue. The United Nations came up with the initiative of a special treaty regulating the issue of cybersecurity, however, this initiative was met with caution from the European Union. The Internet has become the main element of the flow of information in the modern world – information that […]

Scientists have grown a miniature human brain and placed inside a robot

American scientists have created the so-called "organoids." Researchers managed to grow an artificial accumulation of nerve cells, which in their form resemble a miniature version of the human brain and are able to develop. This study raises a lot of ethical debate. According to one scientist, Alysson Muotri, organoids created are able to produce brain […]

Google has removed several Android apps due to adware

Google has carried out the next cleaning raid. This time, more than 80 Android applications that contained adware were removed. These were applications for photos or games, which in total were downloaded to smartphones and tablets more than 8 million times. The GooglePlay store has been offering its users applications that contain unwanted elements for […]

First exoplanet without atmosphere discovered

Astronomers first observed an exoplanet without an atmosphere. In recent years, several observations of rocky planets have been made, revolving around red dwarfs – small stars, with a radius equal to 60% of the radius of the Sun. Despite their size, these stars are very active – to the point that many scientists say: planets […]

Apple joins Amazon's forest rescue: Tim Cook promises financial assistance

Huge fires in the Amazon forests occur regularly for several years in a row, but in 2019 we witnessed a record number of such incidents. They say that over the past months, more than 72 thousand hectares have flared up. Brazil is running out of extinction funds, so individuals and companies are joining the ecosystem […]

Vertical Ark – looks like a floating skyscraper

This is one of those ideas that at first glance seems crazy. Vertical Ark is a project of a vertical floating ark in which people could live if the level of the seas and oceans rises. The future of humanity is uncertain. With the advent of global climatic cataclysms and armed conflicts, more and more […]

Martian bacteria probably moved elsewhere

Life on Mars could survive and adapt to new conditions. This follows from the latest data obtained in the Atacama Desert. It is unlikely that the best place to save life on Mars was the same planet as a million, and even more so a billion years ago. The microbes there were probably supposed to […]

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