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Toyota unveils new hydrogen car concept

The premiere of the electric Mirai hydrogen-powered sedan in 2014 led Toyota to become the world leader in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The concern is currently working on a new generation of this technologically advanced model. First-generation Mirai has accelerated the growth of awareness in the world of hydrogen technologies and the new opportunities that […]

The Chinese are building the largest airport on the planet

In China, they will build the largest airport on Earth – Pekin Daxing. The terminal area of ​​700,000 m2 is located on 47 km square. The shape of the airport building should resemble a fiery bird – a phoenix. Many people believe, however, that it looks like a starfish. The view is still impressive. The […]

Unusual Motorola RAZR with a folding screen closer than you think

According to recent reports, at the end of this year, the first folding Motorola smartphone will debut, which has a chance to become a bestseller due to its design. What will be the folding Motorola RAZR? It's no secret that Motorola is working on a fold-out smartphone that will bring the legendary Moto RAZR series […]

Do you drink tea from a bag? Use microplastic

Tea bags release billions of microscopic particles into the drink we consume. A cup of tea can be a medicine to improve mood or overcome the autumn spleen, but, according to scientists at McGill University, it can be dangerous. Especially when we drink tea, from a bag, which is made not of paper, but of […]

Sharp doomed its flagship smartphone to failure

Sharp Aquos Zero 2 has a unique screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz – a record in the mobile market. It also has a good specification, it looks great, but a weak battery spoils everything. Sharp smartphones are not, as a rule, the most beautiful in the mobile telephony market. They are not […]

Invented plastic is stronger than steel

Scientists at the University of Buffalo have developed a lightweight plastic that is much stronger than steel. The new material was created for use in body armor. Professor Shenqiang Ren and his team created a unique plastic based on Dyneemy – ultra high molecular weight polyethylene used in the manufacture of climbing loops, body armor […]

IKEA will soon produce more energy than it consumes

A well-known Swedish company said that IKEA will consume less energy than it will produce during the manufacturing process. Recently, many companies are beginning to invest more in such things. IKEA has decided to go further. The company said that by 2020 it will generate more energy than it consumes in its stores. Moreover, IKEA […]

Giant mass neutron star. According to scientists, it should not exist

Space scientists have reported the discovery of the most massive neutron star in history. J0740 + 6620 is a rapidly rotating pulsar with a mass of 2.17 times the sun. Moreover, its diameter is only 20-30 km. A teaspoon of neutron matter has a mass of as much as six billion tons. This comparison probably […]

Blooming algae visible from the satellite

Last year’s eruption of the Kilauea volcano led to the flowering of plankton, so large that it could be seen from space. The waters of the tropical convergence zone are poor in nutrients, and therefore there is not enough life in them. Volcanic lava is rich in various minerals. In this regard, the team of […]

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