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Toyota, which you probably have not heard of (photos and video)

In Russia and Europe, almost no one is familiar with this model, but in Japan and other parts of the world it is a common sight on the roads. Coaster is a popular Toyota bus that has just received a new, most advanced version of the equipment. Toyota Coaster Premium Cabin is more space for […]

YouTube introduces a feature that makes sure you don't watch the video late

YouTube said it’s introducing a new feature in the form of special reminders. They are designed to limit the stay of users in the evening. This is part of a larger initiative called digital well-being, which Google has consistently pursued since 2018. Of course, it happened more than once that you watched movies late on […]

Intel Xe DG1 – a new graphics chip found on the network

Intel Xe DG1 is a graphics processor that the company has been working on for some time. He was spotted in the SiSoftware software database. A partial technical specification appeared there, and we learn that the processor has 768 cores and operates at a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. Intel Xe DG1 has 768 cores […]

Scientists have reproduced a sound that can boil water

Researchers at the SLAC National Laboratory at Stanford University have developed a new way to boil water. To do this, they used a loud sound. Water molecules have a peculiar tendency to move at an increased speed when heated, a fairly loud sound wave causes a similar effect. Scientists from Stanford University decided to take […]

A gadget that lets you train your brain

The results of physical training are pretty easy to prove. Just get on the scales and you will literally see this progress. Take a centimeter and measure your waist or biceps, and you will get tangible evidence that your training went well. However, you cannot do this for your brain. Designed to be a “simulator” […]

Space cannibalism – large galaxies “devour” smaller ones

How does it happen that the largest galaxies are so large? The answer is simple – by “devouring” small objects. A new study published in The Astrophysical Journal suggests that most of the galaxies we know are not expanding due to the slow accumulation of intergalactic gas. Most galaxies expand, colliding and absorbing other galaxies. […]

Redmi K30i will be the cheapest 5G smartphone

5G smartphones are clearly more expensive than 4G models, so there is ongoing competition among manufacturers for who will be most able to reduce the price of such equipment. In this niche, Redmi can lead with the planned Redmi K30i smartphone. The Redmi K30 5G phone, using the Snapdragon 765g chip with a 5G modem, […]

Astronomers have observed a unique collision of two black holes

More than a year ago, it was possible to fix gravitational waves formed after the collision of two black holes. However, over time it became clear that the collision GW 190412 was really unique. Black holes collided, which significantly differed in their masses. It was a very uneven binary system. The discovery was made on […]

Oppo A92s: the average will get a 5G modem and an interesting screen

Oppo A92s is the new mid-range smartphone of the Chinese brand, which will premiere in the near future. There was a leak, and an image of a poster appeared on the network that reveals some information about the smartphone. Oppo A92s will receive a modem for connecting to 5G networks and a screen with high […]

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