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Airbus Maverick – the plane of the future

Airbus has unveiled its new aircraft concept, which not only surprises you with its innovative design, but also guarantees lower fuel consumption. While automakers are showing their visions of cars of the future again and again, the aviation industry is standing still. Airbus wants to break this fact by presenting to the world the concept […]

Copy of Iphone 11 or what Samsung Galaxy S20 looks like

Samsung's latest smartphone series has just officially debuted. We already saw them from close range, all three new models: Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is worth noting that the camera cutout in the new Samsung product is incredibly similar to the external data of the rear panel of the Iphone […]

It may be the best low-cost smartphone in 2020

Google is preparing another mid-range smartphone. The network got information about the model Pixel 4a. The device was codenamed “sunfish” and will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor – this suggests that the equipment itself will not be able to connect to the next-generation 5G wireless networks. Other details about the specifications of this model […]

AnTuTu published smartphone test results

AnTuTu is a test platform that regularly publishes test results for smartphones and their processors. The latest January report is not much different from the December one. In February, after the launch of models with the Snapdragon 865, changes may occur on the catwalk. AnTuTu test platform has published a list of the top ten […]

Leaked Tesla S and X model update data

The user Greentheonly "got to the bottom" of information about the upcoming changes of two popular Tesla models. Tesla is gradually updating its models, introducing new improvements and configurations. With the launch of the new system update, one user came across information about changes in the appearance and equipment of the S and X models. […]

Huawei Mate X 2 – known approximate release date

Huawei Mate X 2 is a new folding smartphone that we will see in 2020. Recall that the Huawei Mate X was shown during the MWC 2019 exhibition, but debuted only in the fall. Now we have the first information about the 2nd generation of this phone. According to information available today, the 2nd generation […]

Huawei introduced new TVs and smart speaker

Huawei, after the new MateBook laptops, showed two new TV models. These are Smart Screen V65 and Smart Screen V75. Both televisions have an LED Quantum Dot matrix, the ability to view in 4K resolution and HDR standard. Interestingly, a pop-up camera is located in the upper part. It can record video in 1080p format […]

iPhone 12 may have 6 GB of RAM

The latest Apple phones are already on the market. Now is the time for another rumor and speculation about the twelfth version of the iPhone. Recently, there have been suggestions on the network that new smartphones will finally receive 6 GB of RAM. Already this year, theoretically, we should see an iPhone with 6 GB […]

A revolutionary 3D printer can create models from multiple materials at once

3D printing technology already allows us to do a lot, but its capabilities have not yet been exhausted and we still have many discoveries in this area. One of these possibilities is to create models from several materials simultaneously. And this has recently been done. The novelty is so unique that it can create objects […]

iPhone 12 with a new design that is still obsolete

The best pictures to date have depicted the iPhone 12. We again see a bang, which most manufacturers have refused. PhoneArena website shared its drawings on the topic of iPhone 12. Their visualizers, as a rule, have much in common with reality and it is quite possible that the new smartphone from Apple will be […]

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