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Apple may release iPhone 12 4G

Recent reports suggest that Apple may release two iPhone 12 models that will support the 4G network standard. They will appear on the market if only because many states are just beginning to introduce this standard. According to analyst Daniel Ives, the two iPhone 12 models will be 4G, and the rest will be 5G. […]

Tesla cars with new improvements

American electric cars Tesla Model 3 finally got a wireless charger for phones. Until now, this solution has been available only in the Chinese market. Tesla Model 3 is currently one of the most popular cars of the American brand that produces electric cars. Although the model has been available on the market for almost […]

Xiaomi is preparing a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 165 Hz

Xiaomi is increasingly entering the monitor segment – we will soon see the debut of a new model offering a screen update at 165 Hz. The further plans of the Chinese brand on this topic became known. A few weeks ago, the first Xiaomi monitor, released under the Redmi brand, debuted, but the plans of […]

Xiaomi's next flagship will have 16 GB of RAM

It is expected that the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi will debut with a huge amount of RAM. The device will have up to 16 gigabytes of RAM. Initially, Xiaomi Black Shark 3 was supposed to get 16 GB of RAM, but this did not happen. Now there is a new rumor that the next flagship […]

Xiaomi invests in 6G

Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Company CEO Lei Jun revealed some details related to the future. Xiaomi by the end of this year wants to abandon LTE smartphones sold in China. All new models must have 5G. In addition, the company is already investing in 6G and satellite Internet. […]

Xiaomi makes smart watches with 70 sports modes!

Xiaomi intends to create a smart watch with a record number of sports modes. Amazfit Ares will debut in just a few days. We know what the new Xiaomi watch looks like. The Chinese manufacturer again decided to shock the world with its new product, this time focused on athletes. A photo and the release […]

Redmi K30i will be the cheapest 5G smartphone

5G smartphones are clearly more expensive than 4G models, so there is ongoing competition among manufacturers for who will be most able to reduce the price of such equipment. In this niche, Redmi can lead with the planned Redmi K30i smartphone. The Redmi K30 5G phone, using the Snapdragon 765g chip with a 5G modem, […]

The modular Polestar concept that resists all traditional automotive forms

We see many conceptual models of cars and bicycles, but very few designers go beyond this in an effort to improve the rest of the automotive sector. Polestar OnTour is a concept trailer that looks like a car from the future! He conceived with the goal of making loading and unloading a more convenient process […]

NASA's supersonic aircraft will use parts borrowed from the military

NASA and Lockheed Martin are working on a new supersonic aircraft. The X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Transport will use materials derived from older military models. In order to reduce production costs of the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Transport, the agency seeks and uses parts from other military structures. There will be some very famous details on board […]

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