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Google Maps will receive privacy mode

Google Maps gets the Incognito feature, that is, the privacy mode that was announced a few weeks ago. In accordance with the plan, they began to provide new solutions to owners of applications on Android smartphones. However, Google explains that the process should be phased, which means that not everyone will have access at the […]

Users complain again about iOS 13.2

This time we are talking about applications running in the background. IOS-13 users have no peace using this operating system. And this is a rather sad situation. Since the release, many corrections have been introduced and subsequent errors and problems still arise. Now Apple customers are complaining about how the system behaves in relation to […]

Skydio introduces autonomous drones. Should autonomous equipment take over the world soon?

A small American start-up has set itself the goal of removing people from the protection of retail facilities or industrial areas. They will fully rely on modern technology, that is, unmanned aerial vehicles that avoid any obstacles and carefully control a large area 24/7. Autonomous drones with a recharging station have a great chance of […]

Google Play may get incognito mode

Google Play will soon join the applications that offer incognito mode. Its inclusion means that when using the functions of this service you do not save any data. Also, supposedly, a function will appear in the application that increases security. Such a novelty may appear this month. In preparation is also a new mechanism that […]

Instagram already has a dark mode and new options for taking photos with filters

Instagram is still developing, and the company has already introduced the dark mode into the application, and now it is engaged in the processing of the webcam, with which we take photos in the application. Instagram announced that the application will wait for the improved module responsible for taking photos and videos. It is worth […]

Firefox 71 allows you to choose a separate search mode incognito

Firefox 71 will appear in early December. In the new version we will find various forms of optimization, but the most interesting is the function associated with incognito mode. We can install a separate browser for this mode. Incognito mode is already a standard in browsers and is not some kind of innovation. The latest […]

Android Dark Mode Instagram

Instagram is now testing dark mode in your application. It can be used by users of smartphones with Android versions 9 and 10, and the solution should be available for widespread use in the near future. Almost everyone uses Instagram, and Facebook has become a place to chat with friends, rather than a form of […]

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