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ESA is experiencing problems due to coronavirus

The European Space Agency has stated that the current coronavirus epidemic has contributed to adjustments in many space missions. ESA said it is reducing the number of operations and missions, and also sending its employees to work from home – at least for the Control Center in Germany. As a result, some missions must be […]

New studies show that the Earth and the Moon differ in the isotopic composition of oxygen

The Earth and the Moon were formed as a result of the collision of two protoplanetary bodies. Scientists once again examined the samples that were collected as part of the Apollo mission. Oxygen isotope levels were made and small but regular differences in composition were revealed here. Researchers are still wondering exactly how the moon […]

Jaguar and Land Rover unveil a vision of autonomous city transport

Achieving zero emissions is one of the missions for the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. For this purpose, they decided to introduce a new concept car – Project Vector. The prototype was developed at the National Automobile Innovation Center at the University of Warwick in the UK with the participation of academic and industry partners. […]

NASA is looking for astronauts for missions to the moon and Mars

It became known that NASA is looking for people who want to participate in the program of missions to the moon and Mars. The requirements for recruits are considerable. NASA wants to hire and train the next generation of space explorers. The agency placed an announcement about the need for new recruits, since it is […]

Long space missions affect the brain structure of astronauts

For many years, NASA has been trying to get answers to questions related to the long stay in space of the human body. Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina tested the brains of astronauts. Structured changes are proven and this is a fact. These effects can affect brain function changes. People are created […]

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