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Microsoft warns: support period for Office 2010 will end soon

Everything changes in life, now we all use Windows 10 and don’t even think about the fact that the same thing happened with Windows 7 with this operating system. Interesting information has emerged regarding office suites, as Microsoft Office 2010 will not be officially supported by Microsoft in the near future. Office 2010 users can […]

Microsoft introduced a new classic mouse

As if apart from major innovations, Microsoft introduced a new computer mouse. Ergonomic Mouse is a wireless rodent with classic thinking, with an element to support the thumb. The new mouse is wired and offers the classic design of a computer rodent, with the exception of a small space that provides a convenient location for […]

Microsoft returns to the niche of smartphones: Surface Duo – foldable smartphone with Android

During today's conference, Microsoft announced the long-awaited smartphone of its own production – Surface Duo – a smartphone with two displays using Android. The Surface Duo is without a doubt the biggest surprise of today's Microsoft debuts. We are dealing with a smartphone that fits perfectly into the trend of creating folding mobile devices. The […]

Microsoft will launch an updated ergonomic keyboard

For some time, Microsoft has been releasing updated things to the market that they have long forgotten about. The company is now about to tackle the once-cult ergonomic keyboard. The WinFuture website said that on October 2, Microsoft will show such things as the Surface Pro 7 or the Surface 3 Notebook. A new ergonomic […]

Windows 10 will receive improvements in Bluetooth service and driver updates

Windows 10 will receive a major update next year, known to us today as 20H1. Tests were conducted this week, and those devices on which testing was carried out received new advantages. This time related to Bluetooth support and updates, including device drivers. Windows 10 20H1 from several months is tested through Insiders. This week, […]

Microsoft Outlook in the mobile version with support for the new protocol

Microsoft decided to upgrade its Outlook email client – it is about using the POP3 protocol, which has been used since 1988. POP3 is a protocol that is one of the two main tools used to set up email accounts. The catch is that its popularity was very limited. The POP3 protocol reports that emails […]

Windows 7 will die soon: Microsoft recalls discontinuation of support

Windows 7 is a popular operating system, but after four months it will be completely deactivated. The latest update will take place in January 2020. Then this version will be deprived of support and will not receive any updates, including those related to security. About 10 years after the debut, this version of the "windows" […]

Microsoft laughs at Windows Phone and Vista

Microsoft decided to create an interesting commercial in which employees sang about various projects of the company. “Microsoft the Musical” is a new video that has appeared on the giant’s channel from Redmond. This is a funny film in the form of a musical, which was attended by about fifty staff members. The video begins […]

Microsoft admits: after the last update of Windows 10 processor is too hard

Microsoft has confirmed the latest Windows 10 user reviews about excessive CPU usage after installing the latest system update. The SeachUI.exe process is problematic. The giant from Redmond adds that he already sees the problems and plans to fix them in the near future. Windows 10 received update KB4512941 last week. True, it was optional, […]

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