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The new Start menu in Windows 10. Tell us how to turn it on!

For Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new Start menu. If you still do not know how to enable it, we will tell you. Since the new Start menu is still under testing, it was available only to those who use the latest build of Windows 10 20161. To make this even more difficult, only half […]

Here's what the new Start menu in Windows 10 might look like

Those in charge of the Microsoft 365 project have introduced a new, possible appearance of the Start menu "in Windows 10. All this has been slightly redesigned and updated. In the preview of the new Start menu, you can see the icons in the list of applications that do not have a square background, as […]

Microsoft provides new Edge browser for … Windows 7

Microsoft began updating Windows 10, which received a new version of the Edge browser. It turned out that the program should also “work” with an older OS, which is no longer officially supported by the American manufacturer. The update, designated as Kb4567409 for Windows, introduces a new version of Edge not only for Windows 8.1 […]

Windows 7 – what a cult operating system might look like today

Although Microsoft has officially discontinued support for Windows 7, there is still a group of fans of the old OS that cannot come to terms with this fact, to the extent that it has prepared its vision for the modern version of Windows 7. As of January 14, 2020, technical support and software updates from […]

Microsoft Teams with the ability to set the background from your own photo

Microsoft Teams is an application that is constantly being improved. The giant from Redmond introduced another novelty, and this time it is connected with the background for video communication. Users can finally install it using their own photo. By the way, the solutions that are available in the free version of Teams have been announced. […]

Patch Tuesday – Microsoft provides fixes for Windows and other programs

Patch Tuesday falls on every second Tuesday of the month. Another such day is behind us, and Microsoft has released updates for Windows and other software products. In June, a solution to as many as 129 different problems was prepared. Some of them were serious software vulnerabilities that allowed remote code execution. Microsoft for the […]

Microsoft Edge with Chromium Available Through Windows Update

Microsoft Edge with Chromium is a web browser that debuted earlier this year. Then the giant from Redmond said that over time, he will begin to share it through the automatic update mechanism. However, initially it was not complete. Microsoft has now begun deploying the program through Windows Update. Microsoft launched the Edge browser with […]

Microsoft puts fifth most powerful supercomputer at the disposal of artificial intelligence

Last week, Microsoft representatives announced the completion of a new supercomputer, the fifth in the world in computing power. This supercomputer, which contains 285 thousand computing processor cores and 10 thousand graphic processors, was created by Microsoft together with the OpenAI Research Organization, located in San Francisco, specializing in artificial intelligence technologies. Microsoft announced a […]

Windows 10 has another bad update

Once again, the latest Microsoft update for Windows 10 causes problems on users' computers. The fix was marked as KB4549951. A user group after installing a new update for Windows 10 should experience the same problems as usual: in particular, it is a blue screen of death or problems with turning on the computer. The […]

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