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Qualcomm and Microsoft want to build an "office of the future"

At the Snapdragon Summit 2019 in Hawaii, the organizer of the event – Qualcomm and Microsoft – presented their vision for the office of the future. It can be based on 5G networks and mixed reality techniques. One of the most important office components from the future should be the versatile use of 5G communications. […]

Bill Gates: Huawei has always been very innovative

Bill Gates during an interview in Beijing mentioned Huawei. He said that he always considered her very innovative. The founder of Microsoft claims that Huawei has cheap products on the market, and even with the built-in standard 5G, and thus causes competitiveness for other corporations. Bill Gates also mentioned the trade war between China and […]

HoloLens 2 officially appeared – Microsoft introduces new AR glasses

Microsoft has finally officially unveiled a new generation of its virtual reality glasses. HoloLens 2 is already available for sale to all comers, although this product is more likely for enterprises and professionals than for the general consumer. You have to pay for points – a “trifle” – $ 3,500. Microsoft indicated in a press […]

Microsoft has developed a new technology that allows you to control 50 thousand qubits with a simple three-wire circuit

Representatives of Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Quantum Lab, located within the walls of the University of Sydney, Australia, has made significant progress in the field of technology for monitoring and controlling qubits, the "building blocks" of quantum computing and communication systems. The technology they developed was already embodied in the form of a CMOS […]

Windows 10 Expects Another Big Update

Windows 10 20H1 is another big update for the Top Ten, which will premiere next year. Microsoft will make changes to it that cover the Disk Cleanup tool. Disk cleanup is a tool that has been with us for many years. However, along with Windows 10 20H1, a change will be made to ensure that […]

Microsoft warns: Windows error that may slow down computer startup

Microsoft has published a new document in which it warns all users of this operating system that there is now an error in Windows that can affect the computer’s boot speed. This error occurs only on machines that use non-volatile memory. Microsoft has detected errors in some versions of Windows on specialized PCs. It turns […]

Microsoft creates computers that withstand attacks through firmware

Secured-core PC is a new initiative that Microsoft has taken with partners. Thus, they managed to create computers that are resistant to various attack methods using firmware. Unfortunately, these methods are becoming more popular among hackers, and therefore it is necessary to protect themselves from them. Microsoft talked openly about Secured-core PC. Behind this name […]

Windows 7 celebrates its 10th anniversary in the market and at the same time reminds of the end of support

Windows 7 is celebrating its tenth birthday. Microsoft introduced the operating system to the market on October 22, 2009, and the software very quickly began to gain popularity. This was caused, in particular, with a fairly successful OS then called Vista. However, Windows 7 will soon die, because Microsoft plans to stop supporting this operating […]

Microsoft offers hardware requirements for system updates

Most likely, another update to the Windows operating system is just around the corner. This time, the new version, that is, 19H2, 1909 or Windows 10 November 2019 Update already has a list of its hardware requirements, and all this in order to make the system work without problems. Microsoft added to the list of […]

Microsoft warns: support period for Office 2010 will end soon

Everything changes in life, now we all use Windows 10 and don’t even think about the fact that the same thing happened with Windows 7 with this operating system. Interesting information has emerged regarding office suites, as Microsoft Office 2010 will not be officially supported by Microsoft in the near future. Office 2010 users can […]

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