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SpaceX's first manned mission back in 2020

SpaceX has successfully completed a test flight of Crew Dragon. Elon Musk announced that the first manned mission could take place as early as 2020. The SpaceX docking mission with the International Space Station is due to take place in the second quarter of 2020 – at least according to Elon Musk. Everything should have […]

Android auto-complete passwords will provide biometrics

XDA magicians have reported that Google is working on introducing a new password protection feature to auto-complete passwords in Android. Ultimately, this feature allows you to check the user with each act of using a password. Better late than never. Although it may seem strange that this has happened only now, the mere fact that […]

Gas stations are becoming a new target for hackers: Visa warns customers about possible thefts

Visa issued an official warning to customers stating that scammers had chosen a new target for large-scale hacker attacks, this time it was gas stations. Fraudsters try to steal payment card data, and they do it using a rather complicated algorithm. To do this, they use all the networks of gas stations to which malicious […]

What is known about the iPhone SE 2 before the premiere? This smartphone can become a hit.

Much indicates that the premiere of iPhone SE 2 is approaching by leaps and bounds. The successor to the successful iPhone SE will get a small screen, a brilliant Apple A13 Bionic processor and will cost very little. It may seem that the history of Cupertino’s small smartphones has already ended and, nevertheless, according to […]

A girl can sleep for months

An unusual medical case was observed in Colombia. One 17-year-old girl regularly falls asleep, which can last several days, weeks, and even months. With long dreams, the girl – Sharik Tovar – often loses her memory. She is one of the few people who have to live with an extremely rare disease called Kleine-Levin syndrome, […]

BBC Launches Tor Information Service

Users of the so-called “darknet”, that is, the Tor network, can use a special version of the BBC News website, which was launched for those people who cannot use offline support due to restrictions or political restrictions. The Tor network is one of the few places on the Internet where there is no censorship and […]

Dangerous vulnerability in iTunes

Security company Morphisec has discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the computer version of iTunes. It can be used to install ransomware. The problem was found in Bonjour update code. This software, which provides, in particular, the sharing of files, printers, and specifically the iTunes library. Due to an incorrect entry, hackers can use a vulnerable […]

Gmail will check spelling and grammar in sent messages

Gmail will get a new feature soon. Now the application will have the ability to check spelling and grammar. This feature was introduced to Google Docs some time ago. New tools will be able to verify the correctness of the text during the writing process. Gmail may also make some corrections to the text. Gmail […]

Huawei can work on modules for smartphones

Contacting SIG Bluetooth may mean that Huawei has started work on modules for smartphones. Motorola tried to implement such ideas earlier. Accessories for smartphones in the form of special modules will operate using the Bluetooth interface. For comparison, Motorola in the Moto C series of smartphones used special magnetic contacts to connect a smartphone with […]

Horrible disease: bacteria literally "ate" tissue

A man from Florida lost 25 percent of his skin as a result of infection with bacteria that “eat” meat. Symptoms first appeared in 50-year-old David Ireland on August 16. The man had flu-like symptoms. His condition worsened significantly – on August 20 he was hospitalized. “He felt good at one point, and then he […]

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