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The Chinese are building the largest airport on the planet

In China, they will build the largest airport on Earth – Pekin Daxing. The terminal area of ​​700,000 m2 is located on 47 km square. The shape of the airport building should resemble a fiery bird – a phoenix. Many people believe, however, that it looks like a starfish. The view is still impressive. The […]

Elon Musk reveals new information about the largest rocket

It seems that Elon Musk has been in big trouble lately. Along with a fall in the shares of his companies, as well as a decrease in sales of Tesla cars, new ones were added, with the use of marijuana on the radio. Now the billionaire is trying to open the curtain and show the […]

Monster Cars: The E-Dumper is the world's largest electric car that barely needs to recharge batteries.

The Swiss company E-Mining from Heimberg, working together with Empa, University of Bern and NTB Interstaatlicke Hochschule fur Technik Buchs, took an old mining truck and equipped it with an all-electric transmission, thus obtaining the world's largest electric car. Moreover, this car, which was called E-Dumper, has the largest battery pack ever installed on electric […]

Virtex Ultrascale + VU19P is the world's largest FPGA chip with 35 billion transistors

Xilinx, one of the leading manufacturers of programmable logic chips (FPGAs), broke its own record by releasing a new chip called Virtex Ultrascale + VU19P. The crystal of this chip is manufactured using 16-nm technology and it has the highest density of logical cells per unit area and input-output ports. A total of 9 million […]

SpaceX will soon test the largest Starship rocket

Starship is a large launch vehicle that SpaceX is working on. The FCC has already received a request for a permit to test a new version of the ship, which will fly much higher compared to previous prototypes. SpaceX recently conducted a successful test of the Starhopper rocket, for which the company is testing Raptor […]

Within 3 years, 120 million people may lose their jobs due to AI

According to a study commissioned by IBM, up to 120 million workers from the 12 largest economies in the world will have to retrain or change jobs. This is to blame for artificial intelligence, which is faster and faster replacing people in companies. One way to deal with automation is to constantly train employees. Unfortunately, […]

Monster Cars: The World's Largest Polaroid Camera Made on the Basis of a Sea Container

Someone Brendan Barry, a UK photographer engaged in the creation of widescreen images, as a hobby, he creates cameras from a variety of things that have nothing to do with photography. The brainchild of his latest project, with all confidence, can be called the world's largest polaroid camera, because this camera is made from a […]

Monster Cars: Cerebras is the World's Largest Artificial Intelligence Processor

The young company Cerebras from San Diego, California, USA, introduced what can safely be called the world's largest semiconductor device. This huge processor, with an area of ​​46,225 square millimeters, contains 400 thousand processing cores made using 16 nm technology. The energy consumption of the Cerebras is 15 kW, and its purpose is to move […]

Astronomers conducted the largest simulation – millions of "virtual galaxies" in the bowels of one supercomputer

It is known that the universal scale goes far beyond the possibilities of perception of the human mind, there are billions of billions of galaxies alone in the Universe. And scientific astronomers, by observing the depths of space, are constantly expanding the circle of our knowledge about the structure of the Universe, about processes taking […]

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