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The moon arose differently than we thought so far? There are new studies

The moon is usually considered the part torn from our planet as a result of a collision with some large object. However, there are other hypotheses. A new study found that its craters have more iron and titanium than expected. The moon may be a fragment of the Earth formed as a result of a […]

Space cannibalism – large galaxies “devour” smaller ones

How does it happen that the largest galaxies are so large? The answer is simple – by “devouring” small objects. A new study published in The Astrophysical Journal suggests that most of the galaxies we know are not expanding due to the slow accumulation of intergalactic gas. Most galaxies expand, colliding and absorbing other galaxies. […]

Xiaomi Demonstrates 40W Wireless Fast Charger

It seems that wireless charging will become one of the most important features that will allow you to make a big leap in 2020, and Xiaomi is striving to be a leader by offering speeds that some manufacturers still cannot make for wired chargers. Xiaomi Vice President Chang Cheng at Weibo announced the advent of […]

Yutiuber breaks the new Yutiuber breaks the new Motorola RAZR into pieces. It is almost impossible to repair it yourself (video)

Want to see what the Motorola RAZR is inside, but you have no desire to destroy an expensive device or just do not have this smartphone? Don’t worry – youtuber with the nickname PBKreviews did it for you. By the way, it turned out that if someone wants to fix this phone on their own, […]

Intel smartphone folds into tablet

Intel has patented a foldable smartphone with a folding display. The mobile phone folds into a large tablet computer with extremely thin screen edges. In early 2019, LetsGoDigital published an Intel folding smartphone, which folds into a large tablet. A few months later, during an interview in Japan, Joshua D. Newman, Intel’s general manager for […]

Half-Life series is free on Steam until the release of the new Alyx VR game

Half-Life's favorite game, perhaps, will get an even larger audience of admirers. This is because the game of this cult has become available in the free version on Steam before the release of Half-Life: Alyx. The new Half-Life edition should be a VR game – equipment that only a handful of people still have. But […]

Scientists: Mars is losing water faster than we thought

Mars is a barren planet, but researchers claim that once there was a lot of water on its surface. New studies show that large amounts of water penetrate the higher parts of the atmosphere in the form of steam. Scientists have observed on the Red Planet the effect of glut, which is associated with a […]

Only Samsung could make such a TV – what makes it different?

The Internet got photos depicting the first frameless TV of the South Korean brand. The presentation of the new items should take place during the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas. But photos have already appeared, designed so that everyone can imagine the appearance of the long-awaited series of 8K QLED TVs. At the […]

AI ScaleNet: Samsung's new 8K content codec

Time is changing and people's needs are growing. The public wants to see televisions with really decent resolution at home, and with this there are also great requirements for network bandwidth. A video frame in 8K format, in fact, is four times more pixels than material recorded in 4K resolution and 16 times more pixels […]

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