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Japan strives to be the first country to build an exaflops-level supercomputer

The well-known Japanese company Fujitsu has completed the development of a new technology called PRIMEHPC, on the basis of which the Fugaku exaflops supercomputer will be built in 2021. Thus, Japan plans to regain the title of the country that created the fastest supercomputer in the world, replacing the K supercomputer, which is now at […]

Japan proposes to make "wooden" cars with a body and units made from cellulose nanofibres

At one time, we told our readers about materials based on cellulose nanofibres (cellulose nanofibres, CNF) of plant origin. These materials, five times stronger than wood and five times lighter than steel, give car manufacturers the opportunity to create more reliable and lightweight cars that use less fuel or energy from batteries. CNF-based materials bonded […]

Japan Airlines shows where children sit on an airplane

People who travel to Japan Japan Airlines can already use the new feature in the reservation system. It will allow you to choose a place away from children. Traveling with children is not easy. Kids do not tolerate long flights, often reacting with crying, hysteria, or other behavior that makes traveling difficult for travel companions. […]

Rwanda will release the first African smartphones

The production of smartphones, it seems, has already been entrenched in Korea, Japan, China and the United States. The map of manufacturers is expanding a bit, because the African state of Rwanda promises the production of mobile devices. It is likely that we will be dealing with the first “made in Africa” telephone. The company […]

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