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Google is testing a new way to watch instructional videos

Google introduces an application page for a new pilot project. It consists in demonstrating links to video tutorials, which will now have the appearance of colored buttons. They appear directly below the search bar. Such videos, of course, can be useful to people who are just starting to use a smartphone. Google conducts tests of […]

The recently discovered exoplanet shows: humanity still knows too little about planet formation

GJ3512b is an exoplanet that is located about 30 light years from our Earth. This is a gas giant that spins around a red dwarf. The new planet is interesting because it is one of the largest, which is in a system with a small star and has a wide orbit. Scientists cannot explain how […]

Firefox 71 allows you to choose a separate search mode incognito

Firefox 71 will appear in early December. In the new version we will find various forms of optimization, but the most interesting is the function associated with incognito mode. We can install a separate browser for this mode. Incognito mode is already a standard in browsers and is not some kind of innovation. The latest […]

Huawei Enjoy 10: we know what a smartphone looks like

Huawei Enjoy 10 is a new mid-range model that will premiere very soon. The reason for this, in particular, is the site of TENAA – the organization where the phone was certified. Photos were posted there. True, specification information is not yet available, but we can see how Huawei Enjoy 10 looks in the figures. […]

Oculus creator sells drone ramming other drones

Now the company has shown a special "antidron", the main task of which is to eliminate other drones of this type. Interestingly, we are not talking about any weapons on board, but about … a ram of drones in the air. Of course, the drone will require confirmation from the operator, but it can also […]

A black hole in the Solar System instead of the 9th planet?

Another hypothesis has appeared regarding what lies beyond the orbit of Neptune. According to her, there is no next planet, but there is a black hole. The object is 10 centimeters in diameter and weighs 5 times more than our planet. Everyone learned about planet 9 three years ago when Batygin and Brown formulated a […]

Meizu 17 shows a design that will outshine competitors

Meizu is a champion in the design of smartphones, thereby indicating to competitors their shortcomings. The new Meizu 17 will be another example, as it will receive a symmetrical case with a screen without indentation. Meizu is an interesting manufacturer from China who can count on resounding success if not for its internal problems. Despite […]

Google Assistant will now work with Xbox One

Managing your Xbox One console will now be able to connect to Google Assistant. Currently, the solution is in beta testing, but it seems to work without problems: it copes with the basic functions with a bang. Microsoft has allowed to connect to its console. At the moment, there are only two limitations. Firstly, we […]

Alibaba has its own artificial intelligence chip

Huawei is not the only Chinese company to work on its own artificial intelligence chips. Alibaba just showed off the Hanguang 800 – a processor designed for action in the cloud and this is a direct competition for the Huawei chip. Huawei recently showed off its SI chip, called Ascend 910. Now Alibaba, a company […]

A girl from Armenia cries with crystal tears

Doctors examine the mysterious case of a girl who cries with "crystal tears." How is this possible? 22-year-old Satenik Ghazaryan from Armenia is very suffering, because during crying real crystals come out of her eyes. Crystallization of tears is the result of an inflammatory process associated with a metabolic disorder of a woman. Many doctors […]

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