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Samsung is preparing a budget smartphone with a battery of 6800 mAh

Samsung is one of those manufacturers that release an army of new devices every year. This time, the Korean manufacturer is preparing an inexpensive model that will have a very powerful battery. Samsung every year presents an army of different phones designed for different price shelves. This is not surprising, its main competitors Xiaomi or […]

OnePlus Nord in the teaser. See how it will look

OnePlus has long been announcing its new mid-range phone, which is the OnePlus Nord. It is expected that this model will appear on the market in July this year, and now we finally can take a look at how this smartphone looks. Teaser video does not provide much information. In fact, we just received confirmation […]

Incredible, magical gadget from Apple! You have not seen this before (10 photos + 2 videos)

CheerPod is the natural evolution of the mouse. The novelty allows you to do the same as with a conventional mouse, but it also allows you to do much more! CheerPod works not only with your computer, but also with your tablet, phone and even a projector. It functions like a mouse, trackpad, remote control […]

Japan introduced Fugaku – the fastest computer in the world with a capacity of 415 petaflops

Fugaku is currently the fastest supercomputer in the world. It belongs to Japan and was built for research purposes. The computer is the result of the work of Riken and Fujitsu. Its performance is up to 415.5 petaflops, which is almost 3 times more than what IBM Summit offers. Fugaku has officially become the fastest […]

Chinese launch their own GPS

The Chinese launched the last of the satellites, which should help the country create its own GPS system, independent of American technology. The network is known as Beidou. Beidou has been operating for almost two decades and is an important step for China's space and technological ambitions. The Chinese GPS is a competitor owned by […]

A green-blue fireball flew over Australia. Scientists are not sure what it is (video)

The sky over the western part of Australia illuminated a very bright object, which for half a minute "posed" for photos and videos. Scientists do not agree that the origin of this object, but to find it may be impossible. What are theories? On Monday night, a ball of fire illuminated the sky over Western […]

Another Huawei smartphone sold out in seconds!

Huawei P40 Pro + is currently the best smartphone in the Huawei lineup. The flagship breaks popularity records in China, where during the first sales, he disappeared from the shelves in seconds. Delayed sales of the P40 Pro + were a pretty risky move, as there have long been two strong versions of the P40 […]

Apple has an idea for group selfies in an era of social isolation

We live in an era when social exclusion is recommended. So group selfies are a problem. Meanwhile, Apple has an idea for this solution, which it has patented. The company received a patent that describes the function of creating group photos that will be composed of images of people from different photos. Apple has an […]

Vivo with an unusual problem. Tens of thousands of smartphones with the same IMEI number

Each phone has its own unique IMEI number, which consists of 15 characters. It is unique. Meanwhile, on more than 13 thousand copies of Vivo smartphones coming from the Indian distribution, the same identifier was found. The local police took up this matter. IMEI is a special unique number that every phone has. It consists […]

A record concentration of carbon dioxide is observed in the Earth’s atmosphere, although emissions are reduced

Record concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were recorded. It is the highest in history and is 417 ppm. It may seem that the reduction in production has reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which is actually a fact. However, this is too short a period to affect the reduction of carbon dioxide in the air. […]

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