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Samsung is still the largest TV maker. Xiaomi is in the top five, although it works in minus

Analyst TrendForce released a report on the TV market for the third quarter of 2019. There is no surprise – the largest manufacturer is still Samsung. We do not find differences in the following places either, but Xiaomi's slightly weak state of affairs deserves attention. The results of TV sales in the third quarter of […]

Drug lord brother launches low-cost folding smartphone

Although this sounds ridiculous and incredible, a certain Roberto Escobar, the brother of the famous Pablo Escobar, with the help of one company brings to the market a foldable smartphone at a very attractive price. Currently, smartphones with a folding screen have become incredibly popular. These phones abroad often cost more than 1.5 thousand dollars. […]

Huawei sues US Federal Communications Commission

Huawei still has trade problems both in the US and in Europe due to restrictions issued by the Trump administration. Now the company decided to start fighting and suing. Since May of this year, Huawei fell into the so-called entity list, which means that the company cannot get a license and fully trade. The case […]

Guo World Champion retires – AI is to blame

The AlphaGo artificial intelligence theme, which outperforms humans, has recently reappeared in many media outlets. This time, however, not because of the upcoming matches, but because once the best player in Go stated that he should resign precisely because of AI. Lee Se-Dol was the world champion in Go, who, unfortunately, lost artificial intelligence AlphaGo […]

A revolutionary 3D printer can create models from multiple materials at once

3D printing technology already allows us to do a lot, but its capabilities have not yet been exhausted and we still have many discoveries in this area. One of these possibilities is to create models from several materials simultaneously. And this has recently been done. The novelty is so unique that it can create objects […]

Google and ASUS create a credit card-sized computer

A consortium of companies Google and ASUS are working on the development of their new project, the result of which should be the creation of a computer the size of a credit card, and it will be called upon to serve to control artificial intelligence. Until now, the format of the "microscopic computer" in our […]

Instagram is testing features with TikToka

Long gone are the days when the Snapchat app was the “founder” of trends. Instagram has grabbed many of the features now, and in the easiest way: it just copied the ideas. Now that Snapchat is no longer a threat, the time seems to be for another competitor, i.e.TikTok. TikTok is an application that allows […]

China began work on 6G: new networks will provide a very high data transfer rate

This month, China launched its own 5G networks in China, but it is worth remembering that developers are not going to rest on their laurels. The world is looking to the future and work has begun in China on 6G standards, which should provide a very high data transfer rate. Of course, these works are […]

No one heard of him a year ago. Today it’s clear – Realme is the new Xiaomi

Realme, which has existed for only a year and a half, has been conquering the smartphone market; currently it is already in 7th place worldwide in terms of sales. Realme is a manufacturer that just a year ago would not have been looked at at all. The company debuted in May 2018, and has since […]

Fitbit absorbed by Google – transfer cost $ 2.1 billion

By buying Fitbit, which cost the company $ 2.1 billion, Google can enter into a real competition with the Apple Watch, which is currently the most recognizable product of this type. The possibility of buying a Fitbit brand by a giant from Mountain View has been discussed for a long time. The case has gained […]

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