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3 iPhone X screen issues

The screen is the most vulnerable part of the iPhone X smartphones – Apple has recognized this. It connects this problem with one of the electronic components in the display module. The most frequent iPhone X failures experienced by TotalService service center specialists are related to the display module. Failure symptoms 1. Green or black […]

iPhone in Ukraine received two SIM-cards

Buyers of the new iPhone have a unique opportunity. Complete with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR in the ALLO network there is an eSIM starter pack from lifecell mobile operator. eSIM is a 100% electronic SIM card that allows you to activate the operator’s […]

Convenience combined with high technology

Guess what we are talking about? iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 – these are the smart devices from the Cupertino brand that will become the protagonists of today's review. A top-end smartphone in the palm of your hand, a stylish smart watch on your wrist – what else is needed for happiness? With […]

Apple Smartphone Features

The modern world can no longer be imagined without popular devices, such as smartphones. Every year they are improved, supplemented and improved. 10 years ago, no one could have imagined about the capabilities of the camera in a modern mobile phone. Also, over the years and other characteristics of devices have been developing. This includes […]

iPhone is still the most popular premium smartphone

iPhones have been selling worse recently than before. However, Apple has remained the undisputed leader in the premium handset market all this time. Last quarter, iPhone's share in this segment grew and managed to break through the 50% barrier. The following two positions are occupied by smartphones from Samsung and Huawei. IPhone sales have been […]

iPhone 11 Pro allows you to transfer user location data despite the corresponding services disabled in the device

On Apple phones, users can manually turn off location tracking for all applications, and this can also be done at the system level. Unfortunately, as it turns out, even despite disabling the collection of this kind of data, the phone can collect them. It was discovered that if geolocation services were manually turned off manually […]

IPhone chief designer leaves Apple after 30 years

Jony Ive is one of the most recognizable people working at Apple. During the year he was the head of the design team, and it was he who was responsible for the appearance of many of Cupertino's devices, including the iPhone. Jony Ive announced some time ago that he was leaving Apple, but was not […]

Apple predicted huge sales of iPhone 12 with 5G module

According to DigiTimes, Apple wants to order up to 100 million iPhone 12s for next year. So far this year, the company expects to sell about 80 million devices. This quantitative leap is dictated, obviously, by the fact that next year much more people will want to have a phone already in the 5G standard. […]

iPhone 12 may have 6 GB of RAM

The latest Apple phones are already on the market. Now is the time for another rumor and speculation about the twelfth version of the iPhone. Recently, there have been suggestions on the network that new smartphones will finally receive 6 GB of RAM. Already this year, theoretically, we should see an iPhone with 6 GB […]

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