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The new Start menu in Windows 10. Tell us how to turn it on!

For Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new Start menu. If you still do not know how to enable it, we will tell you. Since the new Start menu is still under testing, it was available only to those who use the latest build of Windows 10 20161. To make this even more difficult, only half […]

Xiaomi introduced its first OLED TV in the Master series

Xiaomi has officially announced its first TV to offer an OLED matrix. It uses LG's 120Hz refresh screen, and in the presentation it looks like a great offer in terms of price and quality. The new Xiaomi TV opens the series of models planned by the Chinese manufacturer using OLED matrices. The premiere model is […]

Japan introduced Fugaku – the fastest computer in the world with a capacity of 415 petaflops

Fugaku is currently the fastest supercomputer in the world. It belongs to Japan and was built for research purposes. The computer is the result of the work of Riken and Fujitsu. Its performance is up to 415.5 petaflops, which is almost 3 times more than what IBM Summit offers. Fugaku has officially become the fastest […]

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 officially presented

Xiaomi officially introduced the Mi Band 3 smart bracelet. The accessory has several improvements over the previous generation of this gadget. Xiaomi has introduced the Mi Band 5 smart bracelet. This is the fifth generation of the popular gadget, which is selling well around the world. Mi Band 5 is equipped with a 1.1-inch display. […]

Google Maps Gets Features That Make Travel Ahead During A Pandemic

Google Maps has added new features that are related to the situation caused by the coronavirus. New options are designed to make travel easier and safer. When searching for places, the application will display special warnings related to COVID-19 disease and restrictions imposed due to it. The first features associated with COVID-19 disease appeared on […]

Gogoro Eeyo 1 – the new electric bike

Taiwanese company Gogoro introduced a new premium electric bike. What is Eeyo 1 capable of? Gogoro unveiled the Eeyo 1 electric bike, which is expected to appeal to customers looking for a solution from the premium segment. All this looks futuristic and in its design resembles road bikes more than strict urban models. The manufacturer […]

Ford introduced an amazing version of its new model

Diesel engine, automatic transmission change and luxury version of the equipment. New 1.5 EcoBlue 1.5L diesel engine. connected to a six-speed manual gearbox. The manufacturer defines its average consumption as 4.5 l / 100 km. in the WLTP loop. The petrol 1.0 EcoBoost with a capacity of 125 liters will also appear in the lineup. […]

Spotify removes the limit of 10,000 songs in the library

A popular streaming service has increased the limit of songs that we can upload to our library. Previously, he composed 10,000 songs. The company announced that it completely abolishes the limit of 10,000 songs in the library, which means that theoretically it will be possible to store an unlimited number of songs in it. Thus, […]

Logitech G195 TKL – introduced a new mechanical keyboard without a number block

Logitech has just unveiled a new mechanical keyboard designed for gamers. The novelty has a very thin design and is equipped with Lightspeed technology. Interestingly, the keyboard does not have a number block. Logitech G195 TKL is useful to those gamers who do not have a numeric keypad and it is important to place the […]

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