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Huawei Enjoy 10: we know what a smartphone looks like

Huawei Enjoy 10 is a new mid-range model that will premiere very soon. The reason for this, in particular, is the site of TENAA – the organization where the phone was certified. Photos were posted there. True, specification information is not yet available, but we can see how Huawei Enjoy 10 looks in the figures. […]

New information about Apple AirPods 2. Will the headphones get noise reduction?

Although the Apple AirPods were updated this spring, it has been reported that the Cupertino-based company is working on a full-fledged successor to this accessory. New messages about this device bring the latest beta version of iOS at number 13.2. In the back streets of the iOS 13.2 operating system, which is currently in the […]

Elon Musk reveals new information about the largest rocket

It seems that Elon Musk has been in big trouble lately. Along with a fall in the shares of his companies, as well as a decrease in sales of Tesla cars, new ones were added, with the use of marijuana on the radio. Now the billionaire is trying to open the curtain and show the […]

Motorola One smartphone coming soon

In the near future we should be witnessing the debut of the new Motorola smartphone – the first information about the One Macro smartphone, which should receive a powerful battery, got on the network. Information about Motorola One Macro comes directly from the Thai NTBC certification agency and the popular benchmarka Geekbench – thanks to […]

EU does not want international network security treaty

Network security is becoming an increasingly serious issue. The United Nations came up with the initiative of a special treaty regulating the issue of cybersecurity, however, this initiative was met with caution from the European Union. The Internet has become the main element of the flow of information in the modern world – information that […]

Windows Core OS – New System Information

Windows Core OS is new software developed by Microsoft. A few new information has appeared about the system itself. Windows Core OS is Microsoft software that the US manufacturer has been working on for at least a few years. Windows Core OS or WCOS should initially support Windows Storage Spaces – a solution that will […]

Google Chrome will verify your passwords

Google Chrome will get a very interesting security feature for your accounts. This is a tool for checking passwords with accessible databases containing information from leaks. Such functionality is offered through expansion, but in a clear example of a browser version from the Canary channel, it was decided to integrate it directly into the program. […]

What will be the transport in an intelligent city?

Many large cities are becoming more and more “smart”, and their development is associated with evolution in the field of transport. A breakthrough can be brought by technologies such as the 5G network. 5G communication systems will allow you to transfer data faster and more efficiently. Their connection with sensors and devices from the category […]

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