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Another popular game hit Tesla

A collection of games that Tesla brand electric car owners can play has been joined by the popular Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter is a popular game created by Bethesda. After debuting on mobile devices almost 5 years ago, this project switched to other platforms, including, as you can see, cars. Fallout Shelter will appear with […]

Xiaomi is working on an inexpensive gadget that revolutionizes the TV

Recent data indicate that Xiaomi can work on its own smart set-top box for the TV. According to available information, this accessory is called Mi TV Stick. Xiaomi will develop its own set-top box, which will use Android TV. The device will work almost the same as Chromecast and other similar solutions, however, it will […]

Samsung will not delay the launch of its innovative smartphones

According to the latest information, Samsung has no plans to postpone the launch of its two new flagship smartphones. Unlike other brands, Koreans plan events at the original deadline. Over the past few months, a lot of information has appeared on the Internet about the possible delay in launching new flagships of Apple, such as […]

Oppo A92s: the average will get a 5G modem and an interesting screen

Oppo A92s is the new mid-range smartphone of the Chinese brand, which will premiere in the near future. There was a leak, and an image of a poster appeared on the network that reveals some information about the smartphone. Oppo A92s will receive a modem for connecting to 5G networks and a screen with high […]

The use of spin capacitors will allow to obtain information storage density at the level of 100 terabytes per square inch

A group of scientists from the University of Leeds, UK, created a device that can be called a spin capacitor, in the depths of which the spin of a group of electrons (the moment of their rotation) can remain for several hours. For comparison, other previously created similar devices were able to maintain the electron […]

Accessory makers divulged information about the existence of a cheap iPhone

Accessories manufacturers accidentally posted on the Internet their products designed for the new iPhone. It seems that Apple is really getting ready for its premiere. Manufacturers such as UAG are already preparing new protective cases for the next iPhone. This is a common procedure that occurred in previous years, and it is common practice for […]

A new record was set for the teleportation distance of quantum information over optical fiber, which amounted to 509 kilometers

A group of scientists from the Scientific and Technical University of China and Tsinghua University at one time developed and perfected an information exchange protocol called SNS-TF (Sending-or-Not-Sending Twin-Field), which is the most effective solution for implementing quantum distribution technology encryption keys (quantum key distribution, QKD), operating over long distances and using optical fiber as […]

New leaks about the smartphone Nokia 5.3

New information about the next Nokia smartphone has hit the Internet. The model appeared number 5.3 and will receive, among other things, a camera in the style of “Oreo”. Nokia is preparing a new smartphone from the middle price segment. It is expected that the manufacturer will implement a 16-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixel telephoto […]

Is Microsoft working on a Surface Go tablet? The first information appeared on the network

The development of devices from the Surface line has accelerated significantly in recent months, so it is not surprising that information about new Microsoft hardware appears on the network. The latter concern the new version of the cheapest tablet from Microsoft – Surface Go. There was information about a possible, close launch of the Surface […]

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