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YouTube introduces rule changes

YouTube announced that it is introducing new rules in the regulation that are related to the modeling of content related to games. They relate to those videos in which violence occurs. Under the new rules, YouTube will consider such materials in the same way as in the case of television programs or films. YouTube introduces […]

Instagram is testing features with TikToka

Long gone are the days when the Snapchat app was the “founder” of trends. Instagram has grabbed many of the features now, and in the easiest way: it just copied the ideas. Now that Snapchat is no longer a threat, the time seems to be for another competitor, i.e.TikTok. TikTok is an application that allows […]

Gmail gets dark theme in Android and iOS app

Gmail is another app that gets a dark theme. A popular email client introduces dark mode on both Android and iOS devices. The application automatically adapts to the user's choice and, thus, displays such a theme. Gmail already some time ago, some users began to display a dark topic. It appeared in a test version […]

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