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May 19 is a very important date for Xiaomi users

Xiaomi announced the official launch date for its latest mobile software. The MIUI 12 firmware is supposed to offer users important changes and improvements over the previous generation. The software aims to bring improved system animations and a simplified, more minimalist interface. Xiaomi also seeks to bet on security and privacy. An important change will […]

Children in China wear special hats to help keep their distance.

A Chinese elementary school in Hangzhou recommended that students develop special caps to understand how important the fact of maintaining distance is. While life in China is slowly returning to normal and the coronavirus epidemic is subsiding, safety classes and methods to prevent a menacing disease are still being taught in schools. It was in […]

Google Drive with Face ID and Touch ID support

Google Drive in the mobile version of iOS has received an important improvement. From this moment, the biometric security option will appear, that is, Face ID and Touch ID, with which we will protect your files. The principle of operation is simple. As soon as we open the Google Drive application on iOS or switch […]

Firefox 75 is available. Among the new products, easier access to the most visited sites

Firefox 75 – The latest version of Mozilla browser is now available for download, but so far the list of changes is not available for final editing. The most important new feature is the updated address bar, which gives you quick access to the most visited sites. Firefox 75 waited for the final release, which […]

Huawei Nova 7 and Nova 7 Pro get 40W fast charge

Huawei is preparing to launch its new P40 flagship series on March 26 as part of an online event. Before the P40 line became official, details about the Nova 7 series phones began to appear on the Internet. According to the latest information, two Huawei smartphones with model numbers JER-AN10 and JEF-AN00 passed 3C certification, […]

The most anticipated smartphones beginning spring 2020

World production does not stand still, and despite the recent events that have stirred up the planet due to the epidemiological situation, not a day goes by without an announcement on the launch, start of sales or a promotion on one or another sensational smartphone. What brought and what will soon present this spring will […]

On the neighboring exoplanet, “potentially good living conditions”

K2-18b is an exoplanet located 124 light-years from Earth. Scientists are constantly trying to study this world more closely. New results show that this is a planet where there may be good living conditions that we know with us. It is very important that K2-18b is an exoplanet that is at least twice as large […]

An important discovery of astronomers – telescopes observed hundreds of protoplanetary disks

Astronomers are constantly combing the sky in search of new stars and planets. This time they turned their eyes towards the molecular cloud in the constellation Orion, that is, to groups of large nebulae that are located about 1500-1600 light years from Earth. Hundreds of young stars were found there. During observations, astronomers used the […]

Nokia's new Android 10 smartphones get Wi-Fi Alliance certification

HMD Global seems to be preparing to launch several new devices on the market. Three upcoming Nokia smartphones have been spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance certification website. Certified smartphones have the model numbers TA-1223, TA-1227 and TA-1229. The list shows that all three smartphones are running the latest Android 10 operating system. In addition, it […]

Vodafone offers up to 1000 UAH cashback for gifts

Vodafone offers to not be limited to the date of February 14 and buy gifts for loved ones until the end of March. Until March 31, the company will return from 400 to 1000 UAH to the account of Vodafone customers who buy promotional smartphones in any store in the Vodafone Retail network. The “Favorite […]

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