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The Germans will allow Huawei to put 5G in their devices

Huawei is still at the very center of the struggle between the United States and China, but Germany has decided not to listen to the US arguments. It is worth adding that similar information appeared earlier – the United States has long been pressuring other countries, including Germany, to stop cooperation with Huawei. Now it […]

Huawei Mate X folding smartphone premiere coming soon

Although Samsung Galaxy Fold has already made its debut in the market after many technical problems, the public is still waiting for the release of a new device. Of course, we are waiting for the premiere of the first folding smartphone Huawei. Fortunately, the debut of the Mate X is coming very soon – it […]

Huawei P smart Z – Ultra FullView screen and pop-up selfie camera

Huawei continues to delight fans with its sleek smartphones. The new model Huawei P smart Z was introduced in Ukraine at the height of summer, and it really pleases the eye with bright colors, both body colors and a rich screen. The smartphone has a 6.59-inch screen Huawei Ultra FullView without any cuts and “drops”. […]

Huawei Enjoy 10: we know what a smartphone looks like

Huawei Enjoy 10 is a new mid-range model that will premiere very soon. The reason for this, in particular, is the site of TENAA – the organization where the phone was certified. Photos were posted there. True, specification information is not yet available, but we can see how Huawei Enjoy 10 looks in the figures. […]

Huawei Pro P30 Has Passing Security Test

Huawei P30 Pro is the latest Chinese flagship. Some users of this phone model reported that their device does not pass the SafetyNet test correctly. A problem with Google Pay is also reported. These problems lead to the fact that the owners of Huawei Pro P30 can not use Google Pay and thus pay for […]

Alibaba has its own artificial intelligence chip

Huawei is not the only Chinese company to work on its own artificial intelligence chips. Alibaba just showed off the Hanguang 800 – a processor designed for action in the cloud and this is a direct competition for the Huawei chip. Huawei recently showed off its SI chip, called Ascend 910. Now Alibaba, a company […]

Huawei introduced a TV with its own Smart TV system

During a conference in Munich, Huawei introduced a television called Vision, a device that will use the original Harmony OS operating system. A few weeks ago, Huawei's Honor subsidiary unveiled its first Smart TV system. Now the second of the companies is following the same path – during the conference in Munich, they presented the […]

Huawei introduced new versions of laptops in case of failure from Windows

The new versions of the MateBook 13, MateBook 14 and MateBook X Pro at first glance look standard, but the manufacturer introduced one significant change … We all remember well the conflict between Huawei and the USA. True, the Chinese manufacturer was partially deleted from the black list, but the conclusions he had already been […]

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