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Apple still working on iPhone Touch ID

Apple has not used a fingerprint scanner in its phones for some time, it has been replaced by Face ID, that is, by unlocking the phone with a face. However, this does not mean that the company has stopped working on the scanner. Moreover, according to recent rumors, it seems that Apple may even be […]

Here's what the new Start menu in Windows 10 might look like

Those in charge of the Microsoft 365 project have introduced a new, possible appearance of the Start menu "in Windows 10. All this has been slightly redesigned and updated. In the preview of the new Start menu, you can see the icons in the list of applications that do not have a square background, as […]

Zoom with stronger encryption features for paid users only

A popular messenger recently announced that it will provide even more powerful encryption features, but only for those who pay for the subscription. Now he explains this decision. Zoom director Eric Yuan said that this decision was dictated by the necessary control and the desire to help law enforcement if users appear to use the […]

A record concentration of carbon dioxide is observed in the Earth’s atmosphere, although emissions are reduced

Record concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were recorded. It is the highest in history and is 417 ppm. It may seem that the reduction in production has reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which is actually a fact. However, this is too short a period to affect the reduction of carbon dioxide in the air. […]

Tesla unveils its vision of an electric motorcycle

The ubiquity of electric vehicles is undeniably attributable to Tesla. If it were not for the vision of Elon Mask to make four-wheeled vehicles powered by the gold standard a battery, we would not have seen how the entire automotive industry is fighting for competition in this new area … however, so far this trend […]

Dyson revealed abandoned electric car design

Many were waiting for the electric car of the British technology company, unfortunately, the brand decided to cancel the project in October last year. Now, however, Dyson reveals details about its appearance and functionality. The electric car, code-named "N526" was supposed to be a seven-seater SUV, reminiscent of modern Range Rover. The impression was made […]

Windows 10 has another bad update

Once again, the latest Microsoft update for Windows 10 causes problems on users' computers. The fix was marked as KB4549951. A user group after installing a new update for Windows 10 should experience the same problems as usual: in particular, it is a blue screen of death or problems with turning on the computer. The […]

Astronomers have observed a unique collision of two black holes

More than a year ago, it was possible to fix gravitational waves formed after the collision of two black holes. However, over time it became clear that the collision GW 190412 was really unique. Black holes collided, which significantly differed in their masses. It was a very uneven binary system. The discovery was made on […]

Smartphone with a camera of 192 megapixels. This is a joke?

According to Weibo leaks, a smartphone will soon appear on the market, which will be equipped with a 192-megapixel camera. The smartphone is also expected to receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of the latest 765 series, which means that it will belong to the middle performance category. The above chip supports cameras with a resolution […]

Bill Gates: in 20 years we may face a similar pandemic

Over the years, Bill Gates has allocated money to fight diseases that threaten people in poorer countries. Thanks to his experience, he warns that this is only the beginning of a long journey, and in two decades we may face a similar danger. Microsoft co-founder regularly warned that states around the world should prepare for […]

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