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The world's first transparent smart mask N99 + with UV-C sterilization

In the current situation, when we all need to consider the presence of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on society, we wear face masks. Numerous fabric or paper face masks hide our appearance and our personality. We lose personal connections with people when we do not understand their intentions and cannot see the facial […]

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 officially presented

Xiaomi officially introduced the Mi Band 3 smart bracelet. The accessory has several improvements over the previous generation of this gadget. Xiaomi has introduced the Mi Band 5 smart bracelet. This is the fifth generation of the popular gadget, which is selling well around the world. Mi Band 5 is equipped with a 1.1-inch display. […]

Vivo with an unusual problem. Tens of thousands of smartphones with the same IMEI number

Each phone has its own unique IMEI number, which consists of 15 characters. It is unique. Meanwhile, on more than 13 thousand copies of Vivo smartphones coming from the Indian distribution, the same identifier was found. The local police took up this matter. IMEI is a special unique number that every phone has. It consists […]

SpaceX rockets and Crew Dragon capsule run on Linux

SpaceX and NASA completed the first manned mission using the Crew Dragon capsule. She was successful. Interestingly, there was also a large share of Linux in this. SpaceX-owned rockets and company ships operate under the control of this software, on which a team of approximately 35 people is working. The company has a team of […]

Logitech G195 TKL – introduced a new mechanical keyboard without a number block

Logitech has just unveiled a new mechanical keyboard designed for gamers. The novelty has a very thin design and is equipped with Lightspeed technology. Interestingly, the keyboard does not have a number block. Logitech G195 TKL is useful to those gamers who do not have a numeric keypad and it is important to place the […]

Realme Watch – the debut of low-cost smart watches with interesting features

Realme Watch is a low-cost smart watch of the Chinese brand, which debuted in India. The watch has a 1.4-inch screen and a battery that provides up to 20 days of work per charge. The device has a sensor that measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood and a heart rate monitor. Enclosure complies […]

Smart speaker as an accent part of the interior

Columns for designers are like pizza toppings for ordinary people, you can never focus on combinations, and you need to continue to innovate to find the one you need. Portable speakers usually do not have an intriguing aesthetics, so Seda was created with the intention of blending both visual effects and technology to make these […]

Presented smartphone LG Q61 in a very durable case

LG Q61 is the new mid-range Korean smartphone. The device is equipped with a 6.5-inch Full HD + screen, a MediaTek Helio P35 chip and a camera with four lenses with a 48 MP main sensor. The phone features a reinforced case that meets the requirements of the military standard MIL-STD 810G. The LG Q61 […]

US will test a laser gun on one of its aircraft

One of the worst aircraft in the US Air Force arsenal has a chance to get advanced technology. It is expected that the AC-130J Ghostrider in 2022 will be the subject of tests involving the use of laser weapons on board. A laser mounted on an AC-130J Ghostrider should allow equipment to be damaged and […]

Supercomputer Summit, involved in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is spreading rapidly worldwide, and researchers are constantly looking for ways to stop it. Supercomputers that can perform very complex calculations in a short amount of time are also useful. Such is Summit, which has more than 200 thousand processor cores. Chinese coronavirus is a growing threat. We need quick action that will […]

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