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A new process for the production of graphene from garbage

Rice University (Houston, USA) has developed a new technology for processing charcoal-rich waste into graphene. This method can not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also allows you to quickly and cheaply get this sensational material. The new technology is to heat the waste to more than 2,700 degrees Celsius. High temperature […]

Graphene could trigger an energy revolution

Researchers have discovered that graphene can capture methane, which can then serve as an energy source. The use of innovative technologies can greatly simplify the process of methane combustion, and in addition, this method is safe for the environment. Methane produced by anaerobic bacteria that decompose organic material in the absence of oxygen. Wastewater treatment […]

Using graphene allowed us to create the world's smallest accelerometer sensor.

Literally every day, research in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials brings us something new and interesting. A striking example of this is the new tiny sensor-accelerometer made from graphene by the efforts of an international group that includes researchers from institutes and universities, including KTH Royal Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen University and Research […]

Deformed graphene exhibits an unprecedented form of magnetism

The structure of graphene, which is a “sheet” of carbon atoms of monatomic thickness, is quite simple, however, this conventionally two-dimensional material has a number of unique and amazing properties. Not so long ago, a group of scientists from Stanford University showed that graphene, deformed in a special way, can produce a magnetic field. But […]

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