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New Google Nest on the first photo and video

Google will soon introduce the new Nest speaker in the lineup, which will succeed the first-generation Home model. We have the opportunity to see a photo and a short video dedicated to the new product. Its specification or features remain a mystery. Only the appearance of the new speaker is known. Google has been working […]

Google Maps Gets Features That Make Travel Ahead During A Pandemic

Google Maps has added new features that are related to the situation caused by the coronavirus. New options are designed to make travel easier and safer. When searching for places, the application will display special warnings related to COVID-19 disease and restrictions imposed due to it. The first features associated with COVID-19 disease appeared on […]

Sabrina – the new Google Chromecast TV

Photos appeared on the Internet with the image of the new set-top box for the TV from Google. The Sabrina project is probably Chromecast's upcoming successor. XDA Developers editors managed to access photos showing the latest Google brand prefix. It follows from them that the device called "Sabrina" will be available in three colors. All […]

YouTube introduces a feature that makes sure you don't watch the video late

YouTube said it’s introducing a new feature in the form of special reminders. They are designed to limit the stay of users in the evening. This is part of a larger initiative called digital well-being, which Google has consistently pursued since 2018. Of course, it happened more than once that you watched movies late on […]

Google Drive with Face ID and Touch ID support

Google Drive in the mobile version of iOS has received an important improvement. From this moment, the biometric security option will appear, that is, Face ID and Touch ID, with which we will protect your files. The principle of operation is simple. As soon as we open the Google Drive application on iOS or switch […]

Google has created an algorithm that allows artificial intelligence to develop independently

Researchers from Google have created special software that creates self-developing artificial intelligence without human intervention. The program uses the concepts of Darwinian evolution, including the survival of the fittest. During the experiment, the algorithm recreated decades of artificial intelligence research over several days. Creating artificial intelligence is time consuming. For example, neural networks mimic the […]

Google Meet free version – wants to compete with Zoom

Google has made its Meet platform available to everyone. This is the way the American manufacturer struggles with its largest competitor, the Zoom program. Until now, Google Meet has been offered as a premium service, but the American company is definitely looking to take on part of the currently popular video conferencing market. The official […]

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