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YouTube challenges TikTok

Owned by Google, YouTube was jealous of the popularity of the TikTok application and now … announces the creation of its own analogue called "Shorts". TikTok was created several years ago in China at the initiative of the Chinese giant ByteDance. The very popular application allows you to publish 15-second video material, usually in combination […]

Google allocates hundreds of millions of dollars to fight against coronavirus

Google said it would spend a whopping $ 800 million on the effects of coronavirus and COVID-19. They will be directed to grants, donations, loans and assistance to enterprises. Recently, Google has done a lot in the era of the crisis caused by the coronavirus. A special site about COVID-19 has been launched and numerous […]

Google Assistant helps wash your hands

Currently, the prevailing coronavirus pandemic has made frequent hand washing one of the most important actions that people should do now. Google Assistant has got a new feature. This is a special team that launches a hand washing song. It lasts 40 seconds. In addition, on Nest screens, she is accompanied by animation. Recently, Google […]

Google Pixel 5 XL: look at the first leak. It looks awful

The Google Pixel 5 XL is the largest flagship model that the Mountain View giant will show in September or October. There is still a lot of time before the premiere, but meanwhile leaks have already appeared. We have the opportunity to look at the first render of the phone that hit the network. There […]

It may be the best low-cost smartphone in 2020

Google is preparing another mid-range smartphone. The network got information about the model Pixel 4a. The device was codenamed “sunfish” and will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor – this suggests that the equipment itself will not be able to connect to the next-generation 5G wireless networks. Other details about the specifications of this model […]

YouTube Music lets you add your own music

YouTube Music does not yet allow you to add your own music tracks. This, however, will change soon and the function will soon be available. YouTube Music does not yet have all the features that we know from Google Play Music. However, the giant from Mountain View is constantly trying to catch up. 9to5Google received […]

Google is working on an innovative project

Google has created a new generation of Glass sunglasses. The company also released new open source applications, as well as code samples to help developers. Google has announced that developers and companies can seamlessly buy Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 directly from selected retailers. Previously, Google customers will have to respond in collaboration with independent […]

Google Chrome 80 is already available. Among the new products – notifications will become invisible

Google Chrome 80 is the latest version of the popular web browser that you can already download. In this version, quieter notifications from sites appear. They will not be as noticeable as before. In addition, Chrome 80 introduces a new cookie classification system, which will be implemented in the second half of February (more on […]

Google's artificial intelligence will translate sign language into speech

Google has succeeded in developing artificial intelligence that is able to interpret sign language characters and turn them into speech. Everything is done with the help of a camera, which in combination with special software tracks the movements and gestures of the user's hands, and then reads them accordingly. The algorithm responsible for detecting these […]

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