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Samsung may create an unusual smartphone

A lot of myths has accumulated about the new leak about the alleged Galaxy Z model, and there is nothing to be surprised, since the photo posted on the network shows a very unusual device with a double folding screen. It is not yet known for sure whether Galaxy is just a figment of the […]

Samsung gets prisms for 5-zoom cameras on Galaxy S20 phones

Initial rumors suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S20 would have telephoto lenses capable of providing an optical 10x zoom. However, the most recent evidence indicates that this is not the case – a report from Korea says Samsung accepted the supply of prisms with 5x optical zoom. They were created by the Korean company Optron-Tec, […]

SOFIA Flying Observatory takes the most detailed shot of the center of our galaxy

Not so long ago, the data obtained using the SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) flying astronomical observatory were used to compose a picture of the central region of our galaxy, which has a level of detail unprecedented today. The resulting image covers an area of ​​600 light-years, and despite the fact that the center […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on render looks awesome!

2020 is a very exciting year for smartphone innovation. In particular, foldable smartphones inadvertently cause clamshells to return with fully foldable displays. Following the announcement of Motorola Razr, Samsung received the Galaxy Z Flip (previously rumored to be the Galaxy Bloom). Specialists at LetsGoDigital have created some render layouts for the future foldable phone, based […]

Flexible and flawless Samsung Galaxy Fold: a short review

The first Samsung Galaxy Fold flexible screen phone will soon be available for sale to Ukrainians. However, at well-defined points of sale and in limited quantities. This is due to its unique characteristics, which are the components of pricing: the new smartphone belongs to the premium segment and will cost 56,999 hryvnia. Flexible screen The […]

Sunburst Arc – a galaxy with 12 images located simultaneously at different points in the night sky

The thin ring of light that you can see in the pictures here is not an artifact left after image processing, or even glare on the lenses of the Hubble space telescope, which made this picture. This is the light distorted by the forces of gravity from a galaxy located 11 billion light-years from Earth. […]

Astronomers have suggested where and how to find wormholes in our galaxy.

Spatio-temporal wormholes have long been one of the main attributes of science fiction, but can they exist in reality? Surprisingly, the bridge between two remote points of space and time fits quite well with existing physical and cosmological models, although so far no evidence has been obtained of their existence. And now, researchers at the […]

Samsung smartphones instead of a payment terminal: the new system will soon work

Samsung POS is a new system that Koreans have experienced for some time. Thanks to a special application, Galaxy smartphones with a built-in NFC module can now act as a terminal that will accept payments by cards or other available services. Samsung POS allows you to turn Galaxy smartphones into payment terminals. A pilot project […]

Huawei Mate X folding smartphone premiere coming soon

Although Samsung Galaxy Fold has already made its debut in the market after many technical problems, the public is still waiting for the release of a new device. Of course, we are waiting for the premiere of the first folding smartphone Huawei. Fortunately, the debut of the Mate X is coming very soon – it […]

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