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Space cannibalism – large galaxies “devour” smaller ones

How does it happen that the largest galaxies are so large? The answer is simple – by “devouring” small objects. A new study published in The Astrophysical Journal suggests that most of the galaxies we know are not expanding due to the slow accumulation of intergalactic gas. Most galaxies expand, colliding and absorbing other galaxies. […]

One of the satellite galaxies may be responsible for the shape of the Milky Way

Many stars of the Milky Way are located in a certain area of ​​space occupied by the spiral arms of our galaxy. It has recently been discovered that this sheath is slightly convex around the edges. Recent evidence suggests that this may be due to recent or even continuous interaction with a nearby galaxy. Using […]

Clash of galaxies produces the most powerful gamma-ray burst ever

Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are some of the highest-energy phenomena in the Universe, and recently astronomers have been able to register a gamma-ray burst, whose power is approximately a thousand times greater than the power of ordinary "average" such bursts. Usually gamma-ray bursts are generated at the moments of supernova explosions, when the stars that have […]

NASA showed a unique photo of the “titanic battle” of galaxies

The NASA photo of galaxies fighting each other has delighted astronomy enthusiasts from around the world. Scientists from the space agency post pictures of similar beauty on the Internet every day, but this “battle of galaxies” has attracted the most attention and can claim to be one of the best space images of the year. […]

Artificial Intelligence Helps Recognize Galaxy Mergers

Astronomers use artificial intelligence to search for ancient collisions of galaxies. Bright glows appear in the universe, which are a harbinger of a collision of galaxies. Unfortunately, terrestrial telescopes are not able to distinguish ultra-bright individual distant galaxies from two cosmic objects connecting to each other. Artificial intelligence will help. Since we know how galaxies […]

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